25 Free Perler Bead Patterns of Your Favorite Characters

I’ve compiled a list of 25 free Perler bead patterns that feature some of your favorite characters from pop culture. From Mario to Totoro and even some Animal Crossing characters, there is something for everyone on this list.

These easy-to-follow patterns are perfect for beginners and advanced crafters alike. Whether you’re looking to create a fun keychain, decorate your backpack, or add some charm to your bedroom, these perler bead patterns will help you achieve your goals.


Kuromi Pattern

Fans of Sanrio’s My Melody will love this free Kuromi pattern. This cute little character looks great in black and hot pink colors. Get the Kuromi Pattern.

Kirby Star Dreamland

Kirby Star Dreamland Pattern

Kirby fans will enjoy creating this fun and colorful pattern featuring the lovable pink puffball and his friends from Dreamland. Get the Kirby Star Dreamland Pattern.

Mario Flower

Mario Flower Pattern

This Mario-themed flower is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of gaming flair to their crafting projects. Get the Mario Flower Pattern.


Keroppi Pattern

Another Sanrio favorite, Keroppi is an adorable green frog with big eyes and a cute smile. Get the Keroppi Pattern.


Ghostbusters Pattern

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Create this iconic logo with Perler beads and show off your love for the classic movie franchise. Get the Ghostbusters Pattern.

R2 D2

R2 D2 Pattern

Star Wars fans will enjoy creating this intricate R2 D2 pattern using blue, white, black, and red Perler beads. Get the R2 D2 Pattern.


Pocahontas Pattern

Disney lovers can create their own Pocahontas-inspired piece with this free pattern featuring the princess in her well-loved dress. Get the Pocahontas Pattern.

Rainbow Dash Prance

Rainbow Dash Prance Pattern

My Little Pony fans can bring their favorite character to life with this colorful Rainbow Dash pattern. Get the Rainbow Dash Prance Pattern.


Luigi Pattern

Don’t forget about Mario’s beloved brother, Luigi! This pattern features the iconic sidekick in his signature colors. Get the Luigi Pattern.

One Piece Luffy

One Piece Luffy Pattern

Fans of the anime and manga series One Piece can create their own Perler bead version of Monkey D. Luffy with this free pattern. Get the One Piece Luffy Pattern.

Sleeping Winnie The Pooh

Sleeping Winnie The Pooh Pattern

This adorable sleeping Winnie the Pooh pattern is perfect for creating a cute decoration for your room or to give as a gift. Get the Sleeping Winnie The Pooh Pattern.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Pattern

Tim Burton fans will love creating this spooky yet festive Perler bead pattern featuring Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Get the Nightmare Before Christmas Pattern.


Eevee Pattern

Pokemon lovers can create their own Eevee Perler bead piece with this free pattern featuring the cute and lovable creature. Get the Eevee Pattern.

Hello Kitty Spider Man

Hello Kitty Spider Man Pattern

This unique mashup features Hello Kitty dressed up as Spider-Man, perfect for those who love both characters. Get the Hello Kitty Spider Man Pattern.


Totoro Pattern

Studio Ghibli fans can bring their favorite character to life with this adorable Totoro Perler bead pattern. Get the Totoro Pattern.

Kenny from South Park

Kenny from South Park Pattern

This Perler bead pattern allows fans of the enduring animated series South Park to easily create their very own Kenny. It’s a simple yet effective design that captures the essence of the character. Get the Kenny from South Park Pattern.


Mario Pattern

Create a classic Mario sprite using red, blue, white, and black Perler beads with this easy-to-follow pattern. Get the Mario Pattern.

Pixel Wink Emoji

Pixel Wink Emoji Pattern

Emojis have become a staple in modern communication, and now you can create your own pixelated version of the popular winking face emoji with this free pattern. Get the Pixel Wink Emoji Pattern.

Stardew Valley Junimo

Stardew Valley Junimo Pattern

The farming simulator game Stardew Valley has gained a cult following, and now fans can create their own Junimo with this fun Perler bead pattern. Get the Stardew Valley Junimo Pattern.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach Pattern

Celebrate Mario’s beloved and iconic princess with a beautiful tribute. This Perler bead pattern captures the essence of Princess Peach, showcasing simplicity and elegance in its design. Get the Princess Peach Pattern.


Freddy Pattern

Five Nights at Freddy’s fans can create their own creepy animatronic with this free Perler bead pattern featuring the well-known character. Get the Freddy Pattern.

My Melody

My Melody Pattern

Another Sanrio favorite, My Melody is a cute and lovable rabbit with a pink hood and adorable facial features. Get the My Melody Pattern.


Pompompurin Pattern

This yellow retriever dog from Sanrio is perfect for those who love kawaii-style characters and bright colors. Get the Pompompurin Pattern.

Teddy from Animal Crossing

Teddy from Animal Crossing Pattern

Fans of the popular video game series Animal Crossing can create their own Teddy with this adorable Perler bead pattern. Get the Teddy from Animal Crossing Pattern.

Sherb from Animal Crossing

Sherb from Animal Crossing Pattern

This sleepy blue goat from Animal Crossing is perfect for creating a calming and cute decoration for your room or workspace. Get the Sherb from Animal Crossing Pattern.

Perler beads are a fun and creative way to express yourself through crafting, and these 25 free patterns featuring some of your favorite characters are sure to inspire you.

Whether you’re a fan of video games, anime, cartoons, or movies, there’s something on this list for everyone. So grab your Perler beads, pick your favorite pattern, and let your creativity run wild.

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