20 Easy Drawing Ideas and References

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If you’re looking for easy drawing ideas, look no further.

The internet is filled with easy drawing to recreate drawing references and ideas to inspire you.

Below, you’ll find landscape drawings, animal drawings, and more. In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite simple drawings.

1. Message in a Bottle

You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but have you heard of planets in a bottle.

planets in bottle
Photo Credit: Inkbox

2. Triangle Drawing

Draw a triangle and fill it with a pencil drawing of the wilderness. These trees and mountains are so easy to draw.

woods in triangle
Photo Credit: Inkbox

3. Simple Hedgehog

It doesn’t get any easier than drawing this simple hedgehog. You can add more detail if you want yours to be more advanced.

easy hedgehog drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

4. Spaceship

I like how creative this drawing it is. It features a spaceship, skull, lightening bolts and more.

spaceship with skull
Photo Credit: Inkbox

5. Easy Cat and Dog Drawing

Animal lovers can draw this simple outline of a cat and dog sitting together.

cat dog easy drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

6. Whale

If you love whales, have fun drawing this simple whale. You can also color yours in with markers or colored pencils.

simple whale drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

7. Owl Drawing

If you take a closer look at this owl, you’ll notice that the eyes are in the shape of a heart.

owl in mood
Photo Credit: Inkbox

8. Flower

Even though this flower drawing is simple, it has just enough detail to make it fun to draw. Color your flower in with your favorite colors.

flower symbol
Photo Credit: Inkbox

9. Draw a Moon

Draw this moon on its own or add it to a drawing that needs a moon. You can also draw a full moon if you’d prefer.

easy moon drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

10. Dragonfly

I actually really love dragonflies. This would look even better if you colored it in with colored pencils or makers.

dragonfly with moon
Photo Credit: Inkbox

11. Cat with Plant

This simple cat outline drawing also features a fun potted plant. Draw this and gift it as a gift to the cat lover in your life.

cat with plant
Photo Credit: Inkbox

12. I’m OK Bandaid

This “I’m OK” bandaid is so simple and creative. You can make your bandaid say whatever you want.

i'm okay bandaid
Photo Credit: Inkbox

13. Easy Dinosaur

Keep it simple with this easy dinosaur drawing. If you like drawing dinosaurs, I’m sharing more ideas at the bottom of this post.

dinosaur drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

14. Balloon with Mountains

Drawing a scene within a balloon is such a great idea. You could also fill your balloon with clouds and a beautiful blue sky.

mountains in balloon
Photo Credit: Inkbox

15. Glasses with Mountains

These glasses feature a really great drawing of mountain tops and birds. You could also draw cat eye glasses for a different look.

mountains in glasses
Photo Credit: Inkbox

16. Ice Cream Cone

If you love ice cream, draw and color your favorite ice cream cone flavor.

simple ice cream drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

17. Key with Trees

Here’s a creative drawing that you can switch up to make your own. For example, you can drawing a different element instead of the key.

the woods inside key
Photo Credit: Inkbox

18. Mountain Dotwork

If you love the great outdoors, try drawing this mountain that mostly uses dots to create this cool effect.

mountain dotted drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

19. Cat with Moon

This drawing is so easy and fun. You can put a twist on it by adding a pattern to the black cat.

cat with moon and star
Photo Credit: Inkbox

20. Prehistoric Reptiles

I love this simple dinosaur drawing. Draw one or all of these cool prehistoric reptiles.

easy dinosaur drawing
Photo Credit: Inkbox

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