25 Easy Drawing Ideas and References

If you’re looking for easy drawing ideas, look no further. The internet is filled with easy drawings to recreate, drawing references, and ideas to inspire you.

Below, you’ll find cartoon drawings, animal drawings, and more. In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite simple drawings.

Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants

Patrick drawing from SpongeBob
Credit: Pinterest

If you’re a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants, try drawing SpongeBob’s best friend, Patrick. He’s one of the most recognizable characters in all of animation. With his laid-back attitude and lovable personality, he’s sure to put a smile on your face every time you look at him.

Triangle Drawing

woods in triangle
Credit: Inkbox

Draw a triangle and fill it with a pencil drawing of the wilderness. These trees and mountains are so easy to draw.

Simple Hedgehog

easy hedgehog drawing
Credit: Inkbox

It doesn’t get any easier than drawing this simple hedgehog. You can add more detail if you want yours to be more advanced.

Adorable Bear

Cute bear drawing
Credit: Pinterest

Bears are one of the most beloved animals, and drawing them can be incredibly satisfying. Whether you draw a realistic version or stick to simple shapes, you’re sure to have an adorable little bear as your final result.

Smiling Sun

sunshine drawing

For something a bit brighter, draw a smiling sun. With its cute eyes and cheerful expression, it can be the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling down.

Easy Cat and Dog Drawing

cat dog easy drawing
Credit: Inkbox

Animal lovers can draw this simple outline of a cat and dog sitting together.


simple whale drawing
Credit: Inkbox

If you love whales, have fun drawing this simple whale. You can also color yours with markers or colored pencils.

Corn and Popcorn Dancing

popcorn drawing

For a fun and quirky drawing idea, you can draw corn and popcorn dancing together. The corn is already pretty cute on its own, but when you add popcorn to the mix it becomes even cuter.

Rabbit Holding a Carrot

Rabbit Holding a Carrot Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

This cute little rabbit is holding on to a carrot the size of its body. This drawing will look even better once you add vibrant colors like orange and green.

Frog and Mushroom Drawing

frog and mushroom drawing
Credit: abbie.kye

For something a bit more whimsical, this drawing of a frog sitting on a mushroom is awesome. With its bright colors and cute characters, you’re going to love using this reference.

Draw a Moon

easy moon drawing
Credit: Inkbox

Draw this moon on its own or add it to a drawing that needs a moon. You can also draw a full moon if you’d prefer.

Shark Drawing

shark drawing
iStock/Svetlana Kuzmina

For something a bit more thrilling, you can’t go wrong with a shark drawing. Sharks are one of the most iconic creatures in the ocean and can be drawn in a short amount of time.

Lava Lamp with Hearts

lava lamp drawing
Credit: Pinterest

For a drawing that combines the fun of lava lamps with hearts, this simple drawing is perfect. I recommend adding color to make your lava lamp pop.

Child Watching a Plant Grow

Child Watching a Plant Grow Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

This simple drawing idea captures the feeling of looking at something with wonder and amazement.

I’m OK Bandaid

i'm okay bandaid
Credit: Inkbox

This “I’m OK” bandaid is so simple and creative. You can make your bandaid say whatever you want.

Easy Dinosaur

dinosaur drawing
Credit: Inkbox

Keep it simple with this easy dinosaur drawing. If you like drawing dinosaurs, I’m sharing more ideas at the bottom of this post.

Balloon with Mountains

mountains in balloon
Credit: Inkbox

Drawing a scene within a balloon is such a great idea. You could also fill your balloon with clouds and a beautiful blue sky.

Ballerina Girl

Ballerina Girl Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for an adorable and easy ballerina drawing idea, this one is great. Drawing up a graceful ballerina is so easy with this reference.

Glasses with Mountains

mountains in glasses
Credit: Inkbox

These glasses feature a really great drawing of mountain tops and birds. You could also draw your glasses in the “cat eye” style for a different look.

Ice Cream Cone

simple ice cream drawing
Credit: Inkbox

If you love ice cream, draw and color your favorite ice cream cone flavor.

Bear Holding a Heart

bear with heart drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This one is a great idea for a handmade card. Draw a bear holding a heart and you’ll have the perfect gift for your loved one. The design can be cute and simple or detailed and intricate.

Cute Carrot Drawing

carrot drawing
iStock/Vera Katsemba

For something really easy, try drawing a cute carrot. All you need to do is draw a triangle with a few ovals on the top – and voila! You’ve got yourself an adorable little vegetable friend.

Cat with Moon

cat with moon and star
Credit: Inkbox

This drawing is so easy and fun. You can put a twist on it by adding a pattern to the black cat.

Turtle Playing Baseball

Turtle Playing Baseball Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

If you want to draw something fun and unique, this turtle playing baseball is pretty cool. You can even add additional details like a home plate, and more.

Frog with Cowboy Hat

Frog with Cowboy Hat Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

There’s nothing cuter than this frog wearing a cowboy hat. Other hats you can draw on your frog are a baseball hat, a bucket hat, a winter beanie, and more.

Drawing is a fun and creative way to express yourself. These twenty-five easy drawing ideas and references are sure to inspire your next drawing.

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