15 Cool Monster Drawing Ideas

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Are you looking for monster drawing ideas? I’ve rounded up a collection of 15 cool and creative monster drawings for you to use as a reference.

If you need a creative outlet drawing monsters is such a fun way to be creative and help pass the time. I hope you’ll be inspired by the drawings included below.

Piranha monster drawing

This monster has a cool set of piranha-style teeth. It looks like a half-fish, half-man monster.

Artist Credit: capitanreptil

pink monster drawing

This furry pink monster is the cutest. Draw your monster using a different color or colors.

Artist Credit: enfantdesign

monster with large head and a lot of teeth

Here’s a really creative art piece. I would love to see how this looks colored in with markers.

Artist Credit: ghost_ship_art

squiggle monster

This monster looks fun to draw. I like the facial expression that’s being made.

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster face with large teeth

This monster kind of looks like a tree trunk to me. A very angry and dangerous tree trunk.

Artist Credit: luigul

virus monster

I like how simple this drawing is. This would be great when drawn with a black marker.

Artist Credit: qomovirus

big foot monster

Here’s a bigfoot-style drawing that looks like a great drawing for beginners.

Artist Credit: shadow.rin

karate man monster

This artist shows that you can take simple ideas and turn them into something creative.

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster holding spiked mace

This is one of my favorite monster drawings. Here’s a creature holding a spiked mace weapon.

Artist Credit: tasio_vdb

blue monster eating ice cream with monster face

This blue monster is licking an ice cream cone where the ice cream has mean monster faces too.

Artist Credit: thegrump666

alien moster

This alien is holding a flower, so it can’t be too bad after all. haha!

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster with tentacles and horns

Is it just more, or is this monster actually pretty cute? I love how it has tentacles for its lets.

Artist Credit: warai_kitten

tentacle monster

Here’s a really fantastic drawing that you can tell took some time to complete. If you have the time to invest, this is a great piece to reference.

Artist Credit: waynetully

monster with a lot of eyes and teeth

This picture really looks so fun to draw. I love how there are tentacles coming out of the monster’s mouths.

Artist Credit: zumazumta

half moose half man monster

This monster is a sort of half-man, half moose. He’s holding an ax and a mace weapon of sorts.

Artist Credit: slhoki

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