15 Cool Monster Drawing Ideas

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Are you looking for monster drawing ideas? I’ve rounded up a collection of 15 cool and creative monster drawings for you to use as a reference.

If you need a creative outlet drawing monsters is such a fun way to be creative and help pass the time. I hope you’ll be inspired by the drawings included below.

Gather Your Drawing Supplies

Before I get into the sketches, I want to share with you my favorite kit for beginner artists. It’s the Castle Art Supplies 26 Piece Drawing Kit. I purchased this kit for myself when I decided that I wanted to get back into drawing. This drawing kit includes everything you need to get started, so you don’t have to spend hours researching drawing tools for beginners.

Piranha monster drawing

This monster has a cool set of piranha-style teeth. It looks like a half-fish, half-man monster.

Artist Credit: capitanreptil

pink monster drawing

This furry pink monster is the cutest. Draw your monster using a different color or colors.

Artist Credit: enfantdesign

monster with large head and a lot of teeth

Here’s a really creative art piece. I would love to see how this looks colored in with markers.

Artist Credit: ghost_ship_art

squiggle monster

This monster looks fun to draw. I like the facial expression that’s being made.

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster face with large teeth

This monster kind of looks like a tree trunk to me. A very angry and dangerous tree trunk.

Artist Credit: luigul

virus monster

I like how simple this drawing is. This would be great when drawn with a black marker.

Artist Credit: qomovirus

big foot monster

Here’s a bigfoot-style drawing that looks like a great drawing for beginners.

Artist Credit: shadow.rin

karate man monster

This artist shows that you can take simple ideas and turn them into something creative.

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster holding spiked mace

This is one of my favorite monster drawings. Here’s a creature holding a spiked mace weapon.

Artist Credit: tasio_vdb

blue monster eating ice cream with monster face

This blue monster is licking an ice cream cone where the ice cream has mean monster faces too.

Artist Credit: thegrump666

alien moster

This alien is holding a flower, so it can’t be too bad after all. haha!

Artist Credit: slhoki

monster with tentacles and horns

Is it just more, or is this monster actually pretty cute? I love how it has tentacles for its lets.

Artist Credit: warai_kitten

tentacle monster

Here’s a really fantastic drawing that you can tell took some time to complete. If you have the time to invest, this is a great piece to reference.

Artist Credit: waynetully

monster with a lot of eyes and teeth

This picture really looks so fun to draw. I love how there are tentacles coming out of the monster’s mouths.

Artist Credit: zumazumta

half moose half man monster

This monster is a sort of half-man, half moose. He’s holding an ax and a mace weapon of sorts.

Artist Credit: slhoki

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