28+ Inspiring and Creative Ideas for How to Draw Eyes

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If you are learning how to draw eyes, I have some great references and tutorials to share.

If you know anything about drawing people, I’m sure you can attest to the fact that eyes are one of the hardest parts of the human body to draw.

Wait, let me rephrase that. Drawing REALISTIC eyes can be pretty darn difficult.

Even though I’ve spent countless hours practicing drawing the human eye, my drawings are nowhere near where I want them to be.

realistic woman eye

Image credit: esras.arts

I’ve learned that there are 9 steps to involved in drawing eyes.

1. Outline the shape of the eye
2. Shade the pupil
3. Shade the iris
4. Draw the spokes
5. Blend the iris
6. Add a little depth
7. Shade the skin
8. Drawn the eyebrows and eyelashes
9. Complete any touch-ups

Simply by keeping these 9 steps in the forefront of your mind, you’ll begin to find it easier to draw eyes. I’ll be sharing 28+ inspiring ideas for drawing human and even a few animated style eyes.

Girl Anime Eyes

This simple tutorial shows us how to draw cute anime eyes in four steps. If you want to practice drawing eyes for your character, this photo makes a great reference.

anime style eyes

Image credit: Pinterest

eye sketch tutorial

Image credit: Pinterest

Realistic Eyes with Colored Pencil

This artist used colored pencils to draw an extremely realistic eye. This definitely isn’t a beginner’s reference, but if you want to draw detailed eyes, this is definitely helpful.

very realistic eye with color

Image credit: fuyuch7

six step eye drawing tutorial

Image credit: buzz16

Graphite, Liner and Glitter

Here’s a drawing that shows a set of eyes using only graphite pencil, only liner, and charcoal and glitter.

three sets of eyes using different pencils

Image credit: knechart

colored eyes on black paper

Image credit: art_karoline

the process of drawing an eye

Image credit: miss_1_wasabi

Watercolor Facial Features

If you enjoy to watercolor paint, you’ll be happy to discover this cool watercolor eye painting. Play around with different colors for your painting.

watercolor face with eyes nose and mouth

Image credit: x.iaoart

ghost snake and flower eyes

Image credit: a_portrait_

Shading and Smudging

This simple graphic gives you detail on shading and smudging. The artist used HB, 2B, and 3B pencils to achieve these effects.

eye study

Image credit: buzz16

Image credit: knechart

Simple Eye Sketch

Daily sketching is a great way to improve your drawing skills. If you want to improve your eye drawing skills, take at least 10 minutes daily for a week to sketch eyes.

single eye drawing

Image credit: johnny_sk3tch

how to draw eyes illustrated

Image credit and full tutorial: revalvabe

Eyes, Nose and Lips

If your goal is to draw a realistic face, this reference shows us how to draw realistic eyes, a nose, and a mouth in four steps.

eyes nose and lips tutorial

Image credit: tajijoseph

eyes with colored lids

Image credit: michaelaaart

ghost ghoul dragon and elf eyes

Image credit: lihnida.san

I hope you’ve been inspired by these eye-drawing references. If you want to improve your skills, remember to take some time every day to sketch. Your sketches don’t have to be perfect. The more you sketch, you’ll find that over time, the better you’ll get.

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