24 Cute Animal Sketch Ideas for Beginners

Animal sketch ideas are great for inspiration. From beginner to advanced artists, animals are one of the most popular subjects to draw. If you want to learn how to draw animals, there are plenty of books available that will teach you how to draw.

However, you should also be aware that there are tons of amazing step-by-step tutorials available on the internet designed to inspire and teach you how to sketch animals.

I’ll be sharing 24 animal sketch ideas that are easy to follow. Some will give you step-by-step instructions.

Plus, each sketch will be perfect for beginners who are just learning how to draw. I hope you find these sketches helpful and inspirational on your drawing journey.

And, of course, remember that the more you practice drawing, the better you will get at it. I know what you’re thinking. Enough with the talking; let’s get to the sketches.

1. Simple Animal References

dog and bunny sketch
Credit: Get Drawing

This sketch shows you simple references for drawing a rabbit, dog, and kitten. If you’re in need of simple animal references, you should find this helpful.

2. How to Draw a Seal

seal sketch
Credit: JLoog

I bet you didn’t know it was so easy to draw a seal. This simple sketch shows you how to draw a seal with a fish in its mouth.

3. Dog Breeds

dog drawing
Credit: @nam_draws_

If you love drawing dogs, this reference page has six dog breeds you can try drawing. Included is the Great Dane,  Rottweiler, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Jack Russell Terrier and Eurasier.

4. Cat Sketch

cat drawing
Credit: Get Drawings

Drawing a cat doesn’t have to be difficult. This sketch shows you how to draw a cartoon-style cat from start to finish.

5. Draw an Elephant

how to draw and elephant
Credit: Get Drawings

Drawing an elephant couldn’t be easier with this sketch reference. If you’re a new artist, I’m sure you’ll find this simple drawing guide helpful.

6. Simba from The Lion King

how to draw simba
Credit: Get Drawings

Who doesn’t love Simba from The Lion King? If you’re more of an advanced beginner, I think that you should definitely try your hands at drawing a realistic Simba.

7. Deer Sketch

deer sketch
Credit @machlojki_art

This quick deer sketch is actually pretty easy to draw. I definitely think that this drawing reference is perfect for beginners.

8. Simple Horse Drawing

horse sketch
Credit: @skyhorse_studio

When you see a drawing of a horse, you may automatically think that it’s difficult to draw. However, once you sit down with your drawing tools, you’ll see just how easy it can be.

9. Easy Shark

shark drawing
Credit: weheartit

This shark drawing is definitely easy to draw. Plus, even though it’s simple, it actually looks very realistic. This is the perfect quick sketch when you’re short on time.

10. Cat, Bear, and Deer

bear, deer, and cat
Credit: @wei-artdairy

This drawing is a creative take on a cat, bear, and deer. Once you finish your drawing, it would look so good being displayed on your wall or desk.

11. Forest Doodles

woodland animal doodles
Credit: @sarazorel

I love this collection of forest animal doodles. If you’re looking for cute and simple doodle ideas, this page features deer, owls, raccoons, foxes, and more.

12. Lion Drawing

lion drawing
Credit: @vickyendangered

I love this drawing of a gorgeous lion. This drawing is a bit more advanced; however, it’s still a great drawing to try for the adventurous beginner.

13. Owlcat

Credit: @theemptyartist

Okay, the owlcat isn’t a real animal, but it’s still fun to draw nonetheless. This is a super cute and fun sketch reference that’s perfect for beginners.

14. Easy Penguin Drawing

penguin animal sketch
Credit: weheartit

I just love this simple penguin drawing. This easy drawing is fun for kids and adults alike. You’ll be so proud of your work of art.

15. Hedgehog

Credit: @caspalpo

If you love hedgehogs, try your hand at drawing this cute little hedgehog. I love how there are drawings of the hedgehog in different positions and doing different activities.

16. Deer Expressions

deer expressions
Credit: @o.muridoodles

This drawing includes a variety of different deer making different facial expressions. If you’re working on animal facial expressions, I think you’ll find this helpful.

17. German Shepard

german shepard sketch
Credit: @chennanigan

This sketch features a German Shepard from different angles and making different facial expressions.

18. Cute Cat

how to draw a cute cat
Credit: @splindedscribbles

If you want to know how to draw a cute cat, this step-by-step tutorial by Splendid Scribbles shows you how to easily draw a cartoon-style cat.

19. Badger

badger sketches
Credit: cecile_illustration

Here are sketches of a cute little badger. You may or may not know that badgers are related to wolverines.

20. Rabbit Sketch

rabbit drawing
Credit: kaitlinhoyt

I love the sketch of a rabbit. The sketch is so simple but still looks very professional.

21. Simple Cat

easy cat drawing
Credit: weheartit

I love pictures like this because they look cool, yet they’re so simple to draw. This is the quickest and easiest cat drawing you’ll ever draw.

22. Cute Elephant

elephant sketch
Credit: weheartit

If you’re a beginner artist, you’ll have fun drawing this cute little elephant. I love how big the ears are and the cute eyelashes on the elephant.

23. Hare Sketch

Credit: @rachelbellora

This hare animal sketch is pretty simple to draw, and I recommend trying your hand at this if you’re an adventurous beginner.

24. Elephant, Raccoon, and More

raccoon, elephant and more
Credit: chantelleque.art

This sketch page features a variety of animals that you can sketch. There’s an elephant, a raccoon, and more.

For more drawing tutorials and references, check out this post 38 Cool Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook.

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