20 Infinity Symbol Tattoo Ideas for Women

Infinity tattoos represent how we experience life and love; it is never-ending and constantly evolving.

The loop of the shape without end signifies limitless possibilities, hope for eternity, and stability in change. With such deep and diverse meanings associated with this symbol, it is no surprise why so many people find beauty in an infinity tattoo.

What I love about infinity symbol tattoos are all the different ways you can customize your design. You can include floral elements, feather designs, and more. An infinity tattoo is a great way to remind yourself that everything in life is connected, no matter how difficult life may be.

Infinity Symbol with Flowers

Infinity Symbol with Flowers Tattoo
Credit: ellie.ink_14

This design shows how you can add additional design elements to your tattoo. These two flowers can represent you and someone you love or be purely decorative.

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves Infinity Tattoo
Credit: imfine_tat_

You can see the creativity that was involved with this tattoo. Purple and blue ocean waves have been beautifully incorporated into the infinity symbol.

Infinity Symbol with Feather

Infinity Symbol with Feather Tattoo
iStock/Biljana Cvetanovic

Feathers often represent freedom and growth, but they are also used to communicate messages of courage and strength. Combine that with the infinity symbol, and you have a powerful tattoo.

Infinity Symbol with a Rose

Infinity Symbol with Rose Tattoo
Credit: inkbyciara

Infinity symbol tattoos demonstrate an everlasting love for someone. An excellent design that could be combined with the infinity symbol is a rose, signifying the beauty of loving eternally.

Fingerprint and Infinity Symbol

Fingerprint and Infinity Symbol
Credit: ronyctatt2

A great idea is to have a loved one’s fingerprints connected with your infinity symbol. Be sure to find a tattoo artist who’s good at tattooing fingerprints, and this type of design can look muddled over time.

Infinity Symbol with Whale Design

Infinity Tattoo with Whale Design
Credit: tattooist_namoo

Whales represent different things to different people, depending on their own experiences. For some, they signify the beauty of the majesty in our oceans. Others might associate whales with adventure and exploration.

Heart and Infinity Symbol

Heart and Infinity Symbol Tattoo

A heart and infinity symbol tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful design idea that can make a stunning addition to anyone’s tattoo collection.

Infinity Symbol with Initials and Heart

Infinity Symbol with Initials and Heart
Credit: tattooist_neul

If you’re considering including initials with your tattoo, this design shows you how to incorporate initials and a small red heart into your design.

Floral Infinity Tattoo

Floral Infinity Tattoo
Credit: umi.tattoo.studio

Featuring floral elements with your infinity symbol adds a level of feminity to your tattoo design. Consider combining these two elements if you’re looking for a delicate design.

Two Feathers with Infinity Symbol

Two Feathers with Infinity Symbol
Credit: vapolaink

Elegant Infinity Tattoo

Elegant Infinity Tattoo
Credit: women.tattoo.tehran

Connecting your infinity symbol with flowers creates an elegant way to improve on the classic design. You can even add color to your flowers to make them pop.

Eight Infinity Tattoo Design Ideas

Eight Infinity Tattoo Design Ideas

This collection of eight different infinity tattoos. They include heart designs, music symbols, short quotes, and the word “strength.”

Infinity Symbol with Date

Infinity Symbol with Date
Credit: youngbloodredroom

Include a loved one’s birthdate in your tattoo. You can also feature your birthdate if you want a unique design relating to self-love.

Infinity Tattoo on Collarbone

Infinity Tattoo on Collarbone
Credit: zeetattooo

Consider the collarbone if you’re thinking of location ideas for your tattoo. Other fantastic placement ideas are the shoulder area and forearm.

Infinity Dream Tattoo

Infinity Dream Tattoo

Those who dream big will love incorporating the word “dream” into their tattoo. Other words you can use are hope, joy, and even rejoice.

Infinity tattoos are a great way to show how you feel about life and love. They are never-ending and constantly evolving, just like our experiences. If you’re looking for a tattoo representing how you see the world, an infinity tattoo is perfect.

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