20 Tattoo Ideas for Brothers and Sisters

If you and your sibling are looking for a meaningful way to show your bond, one of the most lasting ways to do this is through a matching tattoo.

Celebrate your connection with your sister or brother with a coordinating tattoo. Tattoos can be a great reminder of what unites you as a family and serve to remind siblings of each other’s presence, even in times when distance holds them back from spending time together.

These brother and sister tattoo ideas will surely give you a few ideas for your next tattoo.

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Tattoo
Credit: mencsike

This tattoo is perfect for fans of The Amazing World of Gumball. Enter the zany world of Gumball Watterson – a curious young cat with an eye for adventure and a love for troublemaking. Follow his misadventures as he concocts ambitious schemes, naively unaware that difficult lessons await him around every corner.

SpongeBob and Patrick

SpongeBob and Patrick Tattoo
Credit: naomi_graphicsandneedles

If you and your sibling love the TV show SpongeBob Square Pants, consider getting coordinating SpongeBob and Patrick tattoos. I really like the simplicity of these two tattoos.

Male and Female Wolves

Male and Female Wolf Tattoos
Credit: okeanos.tattoo

Wolves have long held a special place in mankind’s history and are often seen as a symbol of power and mysticism. In many cultures, the wolf is revered as an aspect of strength, endurance, and loyalty.

Brother and Sister Talking

Brother and Sister Talking Tattoo
Credit: pashcroft.tattoo

These cute tattoos show a brother and sister talking to each other using tin can phones. Think about how you can incorporate activities you did with your sibling into your tattoo design.

Bart and Lisa Simpson

Bart and Lisa Matching Tattoo
Credit: paulo_borrega

Bart and Lisa Simpson are siblings on The Simpsons, an iconic TV show that’s been running for decades. It’s always fun to see what shenanigans Bart and Lisa will get up to. If your sibling relationship looks something like theirs, you’ll appreciate a matching Simpsons tattoo.

Moon, Sun, and Star

Moon, Sun, and Star Tattoo
Credit: priyanka_3103

If you’re a group of three, here’s an idea for a coordinating tattoo. Sun, moon, and star designs often symbolize eternity, allowing siblings to show that their bond will last through it all.

Star Wars

Star Wars Themed Tattoo
Credit: qi.tattooartist

This cool Star Wars-themed tattoo says, “the force is strong in my family.” In the movies, The Force is a mysterious energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together.

Matching Sunsets

Matching Sunset Tattoos
Credit: saxtattoo

There are so many ways you can design a tattoo that features the sun. These siblings chose to go with red ink and a simplistic design. Your tattoo can be as colorful, simplistic, or detailed as you’d like.

Small Matching Tattoos

Small Matching Tattoos
Credit: vap_23_

Keep it simple with a small and cute matching tattoo. Think about characters that you can use for your own tattoos that have simple shapes.

Dexter’s Lab

Matching Dexter's Laboratory Tattoo
Credit: vtsguatemala

The show Dexter’s Laboratory follows the mischievous Dexter and his sister, Dee Dee. Dexter is a boy genius who has his own secret laboratory filled with cutting-edge inventions, and his sister Dee Dee is always ruining his experiments.

Samurai Frogs

Samurai Frogs Tattoo
Credit: blacklambx

If you and your sibling are fans of anime or are interested in the Samurai culture, this is a pretty cool design to inspire you.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Tattoo
Credit: dagmarakokocinska

For those looking for something less common, a geometric tattoo could be a great idea. By mixing and matching different shapes and lines, you can create unique pieces.

Ghosts Holding Potions

Ghosts Holding Potions
Credit: inkalistiq

Tattoos showcasing characters are always a good idea when it comes to getting matching tattoos. If you and your sibling can agree on a character design, consider going that route.

Matching Smiley Face

Matching Smiley Face Tattoos
Credit: mbuzzart

In cartoons, when a face has “x” eyes, it usually signifies shock, hope, fear, or embarrassment. Take a look at different emoji faces on your phone for ideas for your matching tattoo.

Half of a Biscuit

Half of a Biscuit Tattoo
Credit: noraemi_tattoo

If you’re open to getting a food-themed tattoo, consider breaking a food item in half for your tattoo. These siblings have chosen to go with a biscuit. You can also go with the classic half-heart design.

Wolf and Owl

Wolf and Owl Tattoo
Credit: skintalisman

Earlier, we discussed what the wolf represents. The owl can be a symbol of intuition, authority, protection, and omniscience. They often appear during transitional periods that mark a person’s passage into an entry in adulthood or other shifts in life.

No Matter What

No Matter What Tattoo
Credit: tattoojoey_cynthia

You can’t forget about the simplicity and beauty of a quote tattoo. This matching tattoo says “no matter where” and includes a year. You can include the years you and your sibling were born.

Paper Plane

Paper Plane Tattoo
Credit: _chill_arts__

These paper plane tattoos are the perfect matching tattoo design. Something like this would look great, with a hint of color being used for the heart and dotted line.

Paper Clip Heart

Paper Clip Heart Tattoo
Credit: serenamirolo.tattoo

The paper clip tattoo is a symbol of eternal connections and cherished memories. Inspired by the paper clip function of securing papers, this tattoo is a statement of unbreakable bonds and the art of staying together no matter what.

Matching tattoos are an excellent way for brothers and sisters to show off their unique bond. This type of tattoo is sure to capture an emotion that will remain with each of you for a lifetime.

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