15 Girly Roblox Royale High Outfits

The other day I was searching for Roblox Royale High Outfit ideas and came across an Instagram account that features the cutest outfits for Royale High.

The Royale high world has been around for about four years, but it’s not only well-designed, but there are also plenty of features waiting for you when you get inside.

From classes like archery or cooking and exploring other dimensions such as Dark Forest, which I found terrifyingly fun at nighttime; this experience stays fresh even after all the hours I’ve put into the game.

It doesn’t matter if your skillset consists mainly of dressing up characters either. There’s really something for everyone in this game.

If you’re ready to get creative, I think you’re going to love checking out these Royale High outfits.

Roblox Royale High Outfit Creator

Before I share these ideas, I’d like to first give credit where credit’s due. These wonderful outfits were created by Bunny Elinor.

Bunny has an Instagram account dedicated to sharing awesome Royale High girly outfits. Make sure you check out her Instagram account for more Royale High fun.

girl with pink dress
Credit: elin0r.bu
roblox girl avatar outift
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl avatar wearing black outfit
Credit: elin0r.bu

Getting Diamonds Fast in Royale High

In Royale High, diamonds are the currency you use to buy in-game items. There are a few things that you can do to get diamonds fast, and I’ll be sharing them through this post.

royale high outfit ideas
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl wearing wedding dress
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl with bunny ears
Credit: elin0r.bu

Getting Diamonds #1

The fastest way is by purchasing diamond multipliers. If you don’t want to purchase diamond multipliers, something easy that you can do is log in daily.

Every day in a row (up to 10 days) that you log in earns you more diamonds.

fancy blue outfit
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl with teddy bear
Credit: elin0r.bu
pastel dress avatar
Credit: elin0r.bu

Getting Diamonds #2

Another easy thing you can do is sleep your character up the leveling ladder.

When you sleep, you gain more energy. More energy means you’ll gain more experience for your level. Every time you level up, you will receive 300 diamonds.

fairy roblox avatar
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl holding camera
Credit: elin0r.bu
girl at luxury apartment
Credit: elin0r.bu

Getting Diamonds #3

A lesser-known way to get diamonds is by glitching the art studio. The art studio is on the right-hand side of the second floor.

I feel like it’s gotten harder to glitch the art studio, but I found a YouTube video that shows a method that still works. You can watch it on YouTube. I hope you find it helpful.

girl wearing glasses
Credit: elin0r.bu
summer garden event royale high
Credit: elin0r.bu
getting ready for wedding
Credit: elin0r.bu

When playing games, I think that the most important thing is to find a game with an immersive world and gameplay that you can get lost in.

Roblox Royale High has been one of my favorites for all these years because it offers so many different things to do, from fun classes to exploring different dimensions; it’s been a great time.

My biggest piece of advice when playing is to have fun with it. Enjoy the time you’re spending creating and dressing your avatar, leveling up, and collecting diamonds.

Again, if you enjoyed these girly Royale High outfit ideas, make sure you check out Bunny Elinor on Instagram. Also, make sure you give her a follow and leave a comment on your favorite outfit!

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