30 Forearm Tattoo Ideas for Men That Actually Look Good

Get inspired by these forearm tattoos for men that actually look good. The forearm is a great place to get a tattoo. It’s a relatively large canvas, and depending on your job or lifestyle, it’s easy to show off or cover up.

Plus, there are a ton of cool forearm tattoo ideas for guys out there. If you’re looking for forearm tattoo inspiration, check out these awesome ideas. I’ll also share my complete guide to getting a tattoo if this is your first time getting inked.

Hollow Mask

Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach tattoo
Artist Credit: alexanderhedera

This unique tattoo is a tribute to the popular anime character Ichigo from Bleach. The design features the famous hollow mask.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee tattoo
Artist Credit: alissons.ink

For anime fans, this is an incredible tribute to the beloved character Rock Lee from Naruto. The tattoo features an awesome detailed drawing of Rock Lee.

Passport Stamps

passport traveling tattoo
Artist Credit: studio.inkvocation

Show off your love of travel with a passport stamp tattoo. This design features a variety of colorful stamps from different countries. It’s an excellent way to commemorate your travels, and it looks great on the forearm.

Clock with Rose

forearm clock and rose tattoo
Artist Credit: aztec_tatt

Another great tattoo is a clock surrounded by roses. The clock symbolizes the passage of time, while the rose symbolizes love and beauty.


Haikyu!! tattoo
Artist Credit: chibi_blacktatts

For the sports fan, this Haikyu!! tattoo is a great tribute to the popular anime series. The design features two characters from the show facing off on the court.


lighthouse tattoo
Artist Credit: zombieliquorart

A lighthouse tattoo is a great way to honor the memory of a loved one or commemorate a special place. This design features a traditional lighthouse with waves crashing in the background. It’s an evocative symbol of hope and guidance.

Jesus and Lion

lion and Jesus tattoo
Artist Credit: dandiazcreates

This Jesus and Lion tattoo has a powerful design that is perfect for religious men. The tattoo features Christ with a lion at his side, symbolizing strength and courage.

Wolf in the Wilderness

wolf forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: danusha.tattoo

Show off your wild side with a wolf in the wilderness tattoo. This fierce design features a wolf above the trees.

Neo-Traditional Eagle

neo traditional eagle tattoo
Artist Credit: zeudo.11

If you’re looking for a more classic forearm tattoo for men, then check out this neo-traditional eagle. The design features an eagle with bold colors and intricate details. It’s the perfect way to show off your strength and freedom.

Large Owl

owl forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: davidhutsontattoos

Owls have long been symbols of wisdom and knowledge, making them perfect for a forearm tattoo. This design showcases a large owl with wide wings, symbolizing freedom and power.

Jiraiya Sage Mode

Sage mode jiraya tattoo
Artist Credit: codygower88

Another great forearm tattoo for anime fans is this Jiraiya sage mode design. The artist designed the beloved character in his powerful sage mode.

Alligator Head

alligator tattoo
Artist Credit: zeudo.11

Alligators are powerful symbols of strength and protection, making them perfect for a tattoo. This design is a unique way to show off your courage and ferocity.

Mac Miller Diver

mac miller diver tattoo
Artist Credit: eddyztattoo

This Mac Miller diver tattoo is a tribute to the late rapper’s album. “Swimming.” This design would look great with a bit of color too.

Crown of Thorns

Jesus tattoo
Artist Credit: ghy_undead

Symbolize your faith with a crown of thorns tattoo. In this tattoo, Jesus is wearing a crown of thorns. There is also an image of Him on the cross.


shark tattoo
Artist Credit: theisland.tattoo

Sharks have been a popular tattoo for men for a while now and still look great. Get inspired by this bold design.

Star Wars

star wars forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: gunslingertattooco

For all the Star Wars fans out there, get your favorite characters or quotes inked into your forearm. Whether you choose Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, these designs will look great on your arm.


adventure tattoo
Artist Credit: janmarietattoo

No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for, mountains are a classic tattoo symbol. You can include evergreen trees and more in your design.


family forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: the_ink_chamber_tattoo_studio

Show your love for your family with this meaningful tattoo. This one features a rose that symbolizes love and the word “family” to represent your bond.

Uzumaki Manga

Uzumaki Manga Tattoo
Artist Credit: digital.tattoos

If you love the Uzumaki manga series, you can get a tattoo that represents the series on your forearm.

Wilderness Tattoo with Fish Bones

wilderness tattoo
Artist Credit: jen_ink

Get this wilderness tattoo with a set of fish bones for the outdoorsman in you. This one is perfect for those who love exploring or fishing and will remind you of your adventures.


kraken tattoo
Artist Credit: jeremias_serrano7

For those who like a bit of mystery, get inspired by these Kraken tattoos. Choose from various designs that feature tentacles and ships to represent your love for the sea.


jinx tattoo for men league of legends
Artist Credit: thayna.tattoo

or all the gamers out there, get your favorite League of Legends character inked onto your forearm. Jinx is a popular choice with her blue hair that pops.

Ferocious Bear

Ferocious Bear Tattoo
Artist Credit: matheotattoos

Bears have long been a popular symbol of strength and courage. Get inspired by these designs featuring roaring bears with sharp teeth.

Compass with Motorcycle

compass tattoo
Artist Credit: oghieflores_tattoo

If you love adventure and the open road, then this tattoo is perfect for you. It features a motorcycle and compass, symbols that represent your travels and freedom.


familia forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: ouija_tattoo

Show your love for your family with this meaningful tattoo. This one features the Spanish word “familia” to represent your love for your family.


phoenix tattoo
Artist Credit: pixtattoopiercing

The Phoenix is a classic tattoo symbol that has been around for centuries. Get inspired by these designs and pick one that best expresses your strength and courage.


loyalty forearm tattoo
Artist Credit: potstattoo

Show your commitment to your loved ones with this meaningful loyalty tattoo. This one features a set of crossed arrows to represent friendship and trust.

Beach Sunset

beach sunset tattoo
Artist Credit: rjtattoos

For those who love the beach, get inspired by these beach sunset tattoos. Choose from various designs that feature waves and sunsets to remind you of your favorite summer days.

Pikachu Eating Pizza

pikachu tattoo
Artist Credit: tattosaw

For all the Pokemon fans, get your favorite character inked on your arm. This one features Pikachu chowing down on a slice of pizza, a fun design that will make you smile.

When it comes to forearm tattoos, you can choose from many different ideas. You can go with something small and simple or something large and detailed. It all depends on your personal preference.

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