32 Cute Princess Drawing Ideas for Kids

If your child is a fan of princesses and loves to draw, these cute princess drawing ideas will get their imaginations running wild.

With just a few basic supplies, including crayons or markers, paper, pencils, and plenty of creativity, youngsters can go on an exciting journey through a world where anything is possible.

1. Princess Holding a Fan

Princess Holding a Fan

This princess holding a fan is so graceful and elegant. You could add details, such as jewels, or include your pet or favorite animal in the drawing.

2. Six Princess Drawings

Six Princess Drawings

These options are a great way to think outside the box. You can draw six different princesses, all with unique features and personalities. This can include princesses from other countries or cultures dressed in traditional outfits.

3. Ballerina Princess with Blue Dress

Ballerina Princess with Blue Dress

This princess is wearing a beautiful light blue ballerina dress and pink slippers. Add some details, such as glittery earrings, to make the drawing even more enjoyable.

4. Ballerina Princess with Pink Dress

Ballerina Princess with Pink Dress

Like the above idea, this princess is wearing a pink ballerina dress this time. You can add fun details to her outfits, such as butterfly wings or pear earrings.

5. Princess Jasmine Drawing

Princess Tiana

Princess Jasmine is a beloved character by many Disney fans, so if you’re looking for a fun drawing idea, try sketching her out. Drawing this beautiful and strong princess can be fun and easy with the right inspiration.

6. Princess at the Ball Drawing

Princess at the Ball Drawing

Draw a princess at the ball. You can even show her dancing with a handsome prince. Use your imagination and come up with different poses for her.

7. Princess with Unicorn Crown

Unicorn Princess Drawing

Drawing your princess with a unicorn crown would be so much fun. Make sure you give her colorful hair to match her beautiful crown.

8. Six Smiling Princesses

Six Smiling Princesses

Try drawing six princesses, all wearing different outfits and with other expressions. You can change their hairstyles, hair color, and dress design.

9. Rapunzel Princess Drawing

Rapunzel Princess Drawing

Creating Rapunzel-inspired artwork is a great way to bring some magic and sparkle into your day. Dream up the perfect setting and choose complementary colors to create an image that will make you smile.

10. Colorful Princess Drawing

Colorful Princess Drawing
iStock/Anna Druzhkova

This princess has been created using bright colors that makes her stand out. Remember to use your favorite colors when drawing your princess.

11. Princess in Pajamas

Princess in Pajamas
iStock/Oksana Vainrub

Sometimes princesses like to relax! Draw a princess wearing her favorite pajamas and enjoying one of her favorite activities. This could include painting, reading a book, or playing with a pet.

12. Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess

Take your drawing to a new level with a mermaid princess. You can draw a mermaid princess swimming in the ocean, surrounded by fish and other sea creatures.

13. Princess Elsa Drawing

Princess Elsa Drawing

Drawing Princess Elsa has been a favorite for many people that enjoy drawing. You can draw her hair with her signature braid or with her hair down.

14. Ballerina Wearing a Crown

Ballerina Wearing a Crown
iStock/Elena Pimukova

There’s nothing more graceful than a ballerina wearing a crown. You can create a princess in her tutu and tiara, taking center stage.

15. Six Youthful Princess Drawings

Six Youthful Princess Drawings
iStock/Anastasia Bikkulova

You can have fun drawing a youthful princess with big eyes and rosy cheeks. These girls are wearing golden crowns and practicing their best poses.

16. Princess and Prince Drawing

Princess and Prince Drawing
iStock/Lexi Claus

Every fairytale needs a princess and her prince. Get inspired to create your own fairytale by drawing a beautiful princess with her prince charming.

17. Princess with Birds and Butterflies

Princess with Birds and Butterflies

Make your drawing come to life by adding doodles of birds, butterflies, and more. You could even place your princess in a garden or surround her with flowers.

These are just a few ideas for cute princess art you can draw. You can make every drawing something special with a bit of creativity and imagination.

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