20 Beautiful Pomegranate Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you are thinking of getting a new tattoo or adding to your existing collection, a pomegranate tattoo design might be the perfect choice for you.

The vibrant reds and oranges of the pomegranate make it a colorful choice for a tattoo. With many beautiful designs, you can find the perfect fruit tattoo idea to represent your style.

Vibrant Red Pomegranate

Vibrant Red Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: tattoosnob

Capture the rich reds of a pomegranate with this vibrant design. This tattoo can be designed as a single piece or multiple pieces to create a larger design.

Black Pomegranate Arm Sleeve

Credit: spence.tattoos

If you want less color, consider a black ink pomegranate design. This arm sleeve tattoo showcases the beauty of the fruit and its surrounding flowers.

Simple Pomegranate

Simple Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: haileymblopez

For a simple tattoo, consider something like this. This design features a whole pomegranate with a slice of pomegranate on the side. This design works well as a minimalist piece.

Pomegranate Cut in Half

Pomegranate Cut in Half Tattoo
Credit: davide.mancini

A halved pomegranate tattoo in black ink features the distinct shape of the fruit cut in half, revealing its intricate interior. The black ink outlines the numerous seeds inside, creating a design showcasing the fruit’s natural beauty.

Pomegranate with Yellow Flower

Credit: haileymblopez

Capture the beauty of a pomegranate with this design. Adding a yellow flower and green leaves makes for a detailed and colorful tattoo.

Pomegranate Inner Arm Tattoo

Pomegranate Inner Arm Tattoo
Credit: blakeytattooer

This tattoo is a design featuring the fruit placed on the inner part of the arm. Depending on your preference, this location makes your tattoo easy to cover or show off.

Feminine Pomegranate

Feminine Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: crybabyffm

A feminine pomegranate tattoo is a design that highlights the beauty and elegance of the fruit with delicate details and soft lines.

Neo-Traditional Pomegranate

Credit: good.omen.tattoo

Get a unique, neo-traditional take on a pomegranate tattoo. This design looks great in any style and will make your bold statement.

Pomegranate with Clovers Shoulder Tattoo

Credit: tribetattoodenver

Add a nature-inspired element to your body art. I love this tattoo of a pomegranate with clovers because it has a very feminine feel and a watercolor paint appearance.

Realistic and Neo-Traditional Pomegranate

Realistic and Neo-Traditional Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: saaremaa_

A realistic, neo-traditional tattoo style combines the fruit’s lifelike appearance with the bold, vibrant look of neo-traditional art.

Half a Pomegranate Arm Tattoo

Half a Pomegranate Arm Tattoo
Credit: meaghan.rhea

Showcase half a pomegranate with green leaves and yellow flowers. This design looks great on the arm or any other body part.

Small Pomegranate

Small Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: ornot_tattoo

Your pomegranate tattoo doesn’t have to be large to stand out and be beautiful. Although this design is on the smaller side, it still packs a punch with its details and vibrant colors.

Red Outline Pomegranate

Credit: oaza.ink

Show off a stunning red outline pomegranate tattoo. If you like the look of red ink tattoos, check out these Red Ink Tattoo Designs for Women.

Large and Colorful Pomegranate

Large and Colorful Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: foodie.tattoos

Create a show-stopping design with this large and colorful pomegranate tattoo. This tattoo showcases the rich colors of the pomegranate, including its red seeds and green leaves, creating a lively piece of body art.

Pomegranate Leg Tattoo

Pomegranate Leg Tattoo
Credit: mossunderwood

This orange and red leg tattoo captures the vibrant colors of a pomegranate. It would be a great addition if you need ideas for filling in a leg sleeve.

Pomegranate in a Frame

Pomegranate Frame Tattoo
Credit: mumi_ink

The details of this design make it look like the centerpiece of an elaborate painting, making it an eye-catching design that will surely turn heads.

Pomegranate with Seeds Spilling Out

Pomegranate with Seeds Spilling Out
Credit: youngchickentattoo

Another idea to consider is the pomegranate with seeds spilling out, with the seeds appearing to pour out of the fruit.

Contemporary Pomegranate

Contemporary Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: surreal.lines

This contemporary pomegranate tattoo design features a black-and-white outline that highlights the curves of the fruit.

Vivid Pomegranate

Vivid Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: lh.tattoo

If you want your pomegranate tattoo to stand out and come alive, consider a vivid pomegranate tattoo design. Add bold colors to the traditional pomegranate tattoo design to add life to it.

Small-Scale Pomegranate

Small-Scale Pomegranate Tattoo
Credit: youngchickentattoo

For those who prefer smaller tattoos, the small-scale pomegranate tattoo design is an excellent option. This design can be placed on the wrist, ankle, finger, or behind the ears.

These are just some ideas for beautiful pomegranate tattoos, but many more are out there. With so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one. Have fun exploring the possibilities.

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