20 Cool Stardew Valley Farm Layout Ideas

It’s time to revamp your Stardew Valley farm with one of these farm layout ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, finding the perfect layout can make all the difference in your farming experience.

With so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming to choose the right design. That’s why I’m here to bring you twenty cool Stardew Valley farm layouts that will inspire your creativity and help you achieve your farming dreams.

1. Dark and Moody Farm Layout

Dark Farm Layout
Credit: u/singlepositivecharge

Create a dark and moody vibe with this layout. Get the color effect by using the A Wittily Named Recolor mod. The buildings were created using the CP Medieval Buildings mod.

2. Fully Completed Farm Layout ( No Mods)

Fully Completed Farm Layout ( No Mods)
Credit: retributionpics

This completed farm has everything you need. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also fully functional. You can watch a farm layout tour from the creator of this layout.

3. Farm Layout after All Achievements

Farm Layout after All Achievements
Credit: u/cuongrnd

If you’re an ambitious player who has completed all the achievements in Stardew Valley, this farm layout is for you. It showcases all the unique items and features that come with each achievement, making your farm a true display of accomplishment.

4. 2-Year Farm Layout

2 Year Farm Layout
Credit: u/DapperMuffin

Silos don’t have to be boring. This creative farm layout features silos as walls, creating a unique and industrial look. It also utilizes the use of obelisks for easy travel around the farm. With designated areas for crops, animals, and even a pond for rare fish, this layout is perfect for players who want style and efficiency.

5. Autumnal Farm Layout

Autumnal Farm Layout
Credit: u/zerorats

Here’s the perfect fall layout for your farm. This layout uses the following mods: vibrant pastoral recolor, darker fences, darker paths and floors, simple foliage, and mushroom mailboxes.

6. Forest Farm Layout

Forest Farm Layout
Credit: u/mmoore4535

The plum-colored buildings have done a great job of adding to the forest vibe of this layout. You’ll notice that there aren’t any cops on this farm. That’s because the creator makes iridium quality ancient fruit wine, which earns a good amount of money in the game.

7. Simple Farm Layout

Simple Farm Layout
Credit: u/Jazeq

Sometimes, less is more. This simple farm layout features plenty of designated areas for crops and animals. It’s perfect for players who want a clean, organized farm without too much clutter.

8. Year 6 Farm Layout

Year 6 Farm Layout
Credit: u/SpuffyOmelete

For players who have reached year 6 in the game, this farm layout will inspire your creativity and challenge your farming skills. This layout uses the following mods: Elle’s seasonal buildings, earthy recolor, wildflower grass field, and Elle’s barn animals.

9. Hill-Top Farm Layout

Hill-Top Farm Layout
Credit: u/ConejoDeLana

This farm layout takes advantage of the hill-top area in Stardew Valley by creating a cozy and picturesque farm setting. With a pond, plenty of trees, and designated areas for farming, this layout is perfect for players who want a peaceful and scenic farm.

10. Ginger Farm Layout with Cafe

Ginger Farm Layout with Cafe
Credit: u/Xianji

This cute ginger farm layout features a lovely outdoor cafe and bench setup. With plenty of space for crops, it’s perfect for players who enjoy a mix of farming and socializing. The cafe adds a cozy touch to the farm, making it a great spot to relax and chat with your fellow villagers.

11. Four Corners Farm Layout

Four Corners Farm Layout
Credit: u/teenacidic

This layout is for you if you like to have everything organized into neat sections. It features four distinct corners for different tasks. With a cohesive design and plenty of space, this farm will make your inner perfectionist happy.

12. Organic Forest Farm Layout

Organic Forest Farm Layout
Credit: u/knifecatjpg

This layout is for you if you’re a fan of a more natural and organic approach to farming. It features a forest farm setting with designated plots for crops and animals integrated into the surrounding forest.

13. Year 7 Farm Layout

Year 7 Farm Layout
Credit: u/QueenSkyexo

This impressive farm layout showcases the hard work and dedication of a player who has reached year 7 in Stardew Valley. With multiple barns, coops, and designated crop areas, this farm represents a successful farmer. Use void salmon if you want to make your pond purple.

14. Standard Farm with Obelisks

Standard Farm with Obelisks
Credit: u/Xianji

If you’re looking for a practical and organized farm layout, this one is for you. It uses obelisks to easily travel around the farm, making it efficient and time-saving. The layout also includes designated areas for different tasks such as crop farming, animal husbandry, etc.

15. Elle’s Seasonal Buildings Mod

Elle's Seasonal Buildings Layout
Credit: u/teenacidic

Spruce up your farm with an awesome content patcher pack called Elle’s Seasonal Buildings Mod. It’s filled with seasonal replacements for all your buildings. Plus, there are even fantastic options for popular map recolors.

16. Junimo Hut Layout

Junimo Hut Layout
Credit: u/fangnp

Check out the awesome features of this layout. You’ll love the junimo hut, the barn/coop area, and the fencing around the crops. There’s even a hay floor outside of the farm.

17. Vineyard-Style Farm Layout

Vineyard-Style Farm Layout
Credit: u/Aroschie

This farm layout is for wine enthusiasts who want to create their own vineyard in Stardew Valley. You can create designated areas for grape and fruit trees and have plenty of space for animals; this layout will have you producing your own wine in no time.

18. Farm Design Year 4

Farm Design Year 4
Credit: u/46020760

This impressive farm layout is perfect for players who have reached year 4 in the game. It features a large greenhouse, multiple barns and coops, and plenty of space for crops and trees. With stunning aesthetics and efficient use of space, this farm will impress your fellow players.

19. Winter Beach Farm Layout

Winter Beach Farm Layout
Credit: u/wolvinie

Create a winter wonderland on your farm with a snowy layout. The trees around the farm are mahogany trees that drop hardwood. This farm is perfect for players who want to embrace the winter season.

20. Farm with Outdoor Eating Area

Farm with Outdoor Eating Area
Credit: u/Golf785

This cozy farm layout features an outdoor eating area with tables, chairs, and drinks. It’s perfect for players who want to enjoy their meals/beverages under the open sky while enjoying their farm’s beauty.

Picking the perfect farm layout often depends on your interests, experience, and skills in the game. With these 20 different Stardew Valley farm layouts, players of all levels and interests can find a farm layout that suits their needs.

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