16 Pokemon Cupcake Ideas Perfect for Any Birthday Party

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These Pokemon cupcake ideas are perfect for any birthday party or event. Whether you’re looking for Pokemon cupcake design inspiration or finding a baker to make cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, you’ll find just what you need below.

The Pokemon franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, and is centered on fictional creatures called Pokemon, which humans capture and train to battle each other for sport. I’ve been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was a child and I still love it today as an adult.

I have to say that these Pokemon cupcake ideas are awesome and feature some pretty amazing designs. Not only are they fun to look at, but I can imagine that they’re very tasty too.

These are simple concepts that are still so unique and original at the same time. These cupcakes are perfect for a kids birthday party as well as for adults who are fans of Pokemon.

1. Cupcakes by Marchessa’s Cucina

Chef Marchessa did a great job when creating these twelve Pokemon cupcakes. Check her out on Instagram @chefmarchessa for more speciality cakes and cupcakes.

dozen pokemon cupcakes

2. Pokemon and Pokeball

Afternoon Crumbs did a fantastic job at making these Pokemon cupcakes that feature your favorite Pokemon (such a Pikachu and Charmander) as well as Pokeballs. You can find similar Pokemon cupcake toppers on Etsy.

pokemon cake toppers

3. Personalized Cupcakes

Consider making your Pokemon cupcakes extra special by personalizing them with the child’s name and age, as seen below with these cupcakes by Blossom Bakes.

custom pokemon cupcakes

4. Pikachu Inspired Cupcakes

Here are some Pikachu inspired cupcakes to help a little girl or boy celebrate their birthday. If your kid isn’t a fan of Pikachu, you can choose from a huge number of available Pokemon. These cupcakes were done by Caked by Kirsty.

Pikachu Inspired Cupcakes

5. Pokeball Cupcakes

You just can’t go wrong with with a dozen Pokeball cupcakes. What I love about the Pokeball design is that it’s so easy to recreate, but still looks super impressive. These cupcakes were made with love from Cake Delights with Love.

Pokeball Cupcakes

6. Strawberry Cupcakes Toppers

Now I know that these aren’t cupcakes, but I thought that they would make wonderful toppers to any cupcake. Whether it be chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cake, you can’t go wrong. Cakes by Alejandra did a great job with these strawberry Pokeballs.

strawberry pokeballs

7. Pikachu Birthday Cupcakes

These Pikachu birthday cupcakes are absolutely fantastic. The designs are so creative and unique. Anyone would happy to be the receipt of these tasty cakes. For more cupcakes and cookies, be sure to check out @cupcakesandxos on Instagram.

Pikachu Birthday Cupcakes

8. Eevee Cupcakes

Fans of Eevee with love these creative Eevee cupcakes. You can do something similar with the Pokemon of your choice. Cupcakes by Silje really hit it out of the park with these sweet treats.

Eevee Cupcakes

9. Fondant Cupcakes

If you enjoy working with fondant, you’ll find inspiration with these fondant cupcakes by Dulce Cupkei. The Pokemon featured here are Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Meowth, Charmander and Polywag.

Pokemon Fondant Cupcakes

10. Sixteen Awesome Cupcakes

Most bakers create 6-12 cupcakes. I love how artist @keesabilney went all out and made 16 awesome Pokemon themed cupcakes. Bonus points for anyone who knows the name of the duckling-like Pokemon.

psyduck and other pokemon cupcakes

11. Pikachu Mini Cake

This isn’t a cupcake but it’s so cute I just had to include it. If you’re not up for making cupcakes, these Pokemon themed mini cakes by @lilianpombo are the clever idea that your guests will love.

Pikachu Mini Cake

12. Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Natalie’s Creative Cakes has really gone all out with these amazing Pokemon cupcakes. There’s Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Piplup, and more.

Gotta Catch 'Em All cupcakes

13. Pokemon Fun

You don’t have to be fondant art to make beautiful cupcakes. These Pikachu and Pokeball cupcakes by September Moon Cupcakery look like they were so fun to make, and even more fun to eat.

pokemon frosting cupcakes

14. Gorgeous Pokemon Cupcakes

These cupcakes by Simone Brain are absolutely gorgeous. If you want to feast your eyes on more amazing cupcakes and cakes, make sure you check out her Instagram account. She really is so talented.

fancy pokemon cupcakes

15. Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes

Your cupcakes don’t have to be all one flavor. Switch things up by including chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes and more. If you love these cupcakes, make sure you check out the Pokemon cake to accompany the cupcakes.

chocolate and vanilla pokemon cupcakes

16. Pokemon Inspired Cupcakes

I love the creative spin that Sute Cooks put on these cupcakes. They aren’t your typical Pokemon cupcake design and I absolutely adore them.

Pokemon Inspired Cupcakes

If you have a Pokemon-loving kiddo or are planning on throwing a birthday party for one, I hope you’ve been inspired by these Pokemon cupcake ideas. Whether it’s more of a general idea that you’re looking for or if you want the baker to take care of every last detail, we’ve got your back with something perfect.