16 Heart Friendship Bracelet Patterns

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With these heart friendship bracelet patterns, you’re sure to find something you and your friend will enjoy wearing for years to come.

When it comes to friendship bracelets, there are so many fun designs to choose from. Plus, you can get creative and pick from dozens of available patterns.

From simple two-color combos to intricate 16-thread patterns, the options are endless.

You can create matching looks with your best friend or weave something with a unique style – the choice is yours.

1. Zig Zag Hearts Pattern

Zig Zag Hearts Pattern
Credit: @noellevan

Give a classic friendship bracelet a modern twist with this pattern. This eye-catching design combines zig-zag stitches and colorful hearts to create a beautiful piece that your friend will cherish. Get the Zig Zag Hearts Pattern.

2. Frog Surrounded by Hearts Pattern

Frog Surrounded by Hearts Pattern
Credit: @llama09

Bring a smile to your friend’s face with this friendship bracelet pattern. This unique design features an adorable frog surrounded by colorful hearts that will make anyone feel special. With lots of vibrant hues, this cheerful pattern will stand out no matter where it’s worn. Get the Frog Surrounded by Hearts Pattern.

3. Heart Shaped Hands Pattern

Heart Shaped Hands Pattern
Credit: @st_eleven

Celebrate the universal sign of love with the heart hands design. This thoughtful design combines two hands in a heart shape, making it perfect for besties. Get the Heart-Shaped Hands Pattern.

4. Sparkling Hearts Pattern

Sparkling Hearts Pattern
Credit: @knotmyname

This chic design features hearts adorned with a shimmering effect.

Choose colorful materials to recreate this fun look. Perfect for a fashionable friend, it will add the perfect touch of sparkle to any outfit. Get the Sparkling Hearts Pattern.

5. Frogs and Hearts Pattern

Frogs and Hearts Pattern
Credit: @hankahail

Create the perfect gift for your friend with this pattern that features a cute frog and tiny hearts. This friendship bracelet is a fun handmade accessory that celebrates your special bond in style. Get the Frog with Hearts Pattern.

6. Heart Shaped Roses Pattern

Heart Roses Pattern
Credit: @reni0715

Add a lovely touch to your bracelet with the heart-shaped roses design. Featuring soft pink roses on a white background, this classic design will bring elegance to any look. Get the Heart-Shaped Roses Pattern.

7. Hearts with Sparkles Pattern

Hearts with Sparkles Pattern
Credit: @meghanE23

Include a touch of sparkle in your bracelet with this fabulous pattern.

This design features pink hearts and sparkles, making it perfect for a one-of-a-kind accessory. Get the Hearts with Sparkles Pattern.

8. Heart with Vines Pattern

Heart with Vines Pattern
Credit: @mlesiknots

Add a nature-inspired touch to your bracelet by including vines. This enchanting design features a heart surrounded by delicate green vines. Get the Heart with Vines Pattern.

9. Hearts and Strawberry Pattern

Hearts and Strawberry Pattern
Credit: @unicooorn

Give your friendship bracelet a sweet touch with hearts and strawberries. This design features pink hearts and bright red fruit. Get the Hearts and Strawberry Pattern.

10. Shades of Brown Hearts Pattern

Shades of Brown Hearts Pattern
Credit: @ellajade17

Show your BFF how much you care with a beautiful bracelet. This design features different shades of brown, making it stand out from the rest. Get the Shades of Brown Hearts Pattern.

11. Groovy Heart Pattern

Groovy Heart Pattern
Credit: @olioli

Make a statement with this groovy bracelet. This design features a unique retro-style heart design. This pattern includes 41 different color variations. Get the Groovy Heart Pattern.

12. Pink and White Hearts

Pink and White Hearts
Credit: @_mwawie

Show your loved one how much they mean to you with this pink and white hearts friendship bracelet pattern. This design features delicate pink hearts with a white background. Plus, the pattern includes 99 color variations. Get the Pink and White Hearts.

13. Heart Face Pattern

Heart Face Pattern
Credit: @katherined

This design features a cheerful heart face made from contrasting colors like pink and red. You could also use shades of blue, green, or even purple. Get the Heart Face Pattern.

14. Rainbow and Hearts Pattern

rainbows and hearts pattern
Credit: @bauble

We all need a little sunshine in our lives, and this design will give you just that. It includes rainbows, hearts, and even stars. It’s the perfect combination for friends who always have each other’s backs – a reminder that love is just around the corner, no matter how dark things may seem. Get the Rainbows and Hearts Pattern.

15. Simple Red Hearts Pattern

Simple Red Hearts Pattern
Credit: @sama4321

With this fun and easy friendship bracelet pattern, you can make a statement without saying a word. It has vibrant red hearts and pink background. This timeless pattern can guarantee plenty of compliments. Plus, this pattern has over 350 color variations. Get the Simple Red Hearts Pattern.

16. Multi Hearts Pattern

Multi Hearts Pattern
Credit: @mccolfer

This fun friendship bracelet is a must-have accessory for any occasion. With its multi-hearts pattern, it’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Get the Multi Hearts Pattern.

With these heart friendship bracelet patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect way to express your love and show appreciation for your best friend.

These designs provide an easy way to craft a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

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