12 Essentials for Anyone Who’s Into Goblincore

Goblincore (also referred to as dark cottagecore) is an aesthetic that’s based on appreciating the parts of nature that are not typically seen as being beautiful.

Goblincore is all about celebrating individuality and appreciating the things that are often seen as unattractive.

If you love the aesthetic and meaning of the goblincore lifestyle, you’re going to want to check out these goblincore essentials.

1. Natural History Oddity Mystery Box

goblincore bones

This mystery box is filled with a number of natural history oddities. If you enjoy the excitement of receiving a mystery box filled with goodies in the mail, you’re going to love getting this natural history oddity box. Update: Box is currently unavailable. Get something similar from Bone and Bloom.

2. Insect T-Shirt

insects tshirt

This insect t-shirt design is so creative and charming. Pair your shirt with a pair of corduroy pants or shorts to complete the look. Get the Insect Cotton T-Shirt.

3. Vintage Style Mushroom Sticker Pack

mushroom stickers

If you enjoy journaling or scrapbooking, these vintage-style mushroom stickers are a must-have item. You’ll enjoy adding these stickers to the pages of your journal or scrapbook. Get the Vintage Style Mushroom Sticker Pack.

4. Real Mushroom and Moss Necklace

goblincore mushroom

This beautiful pendant includes a real mushroom that has been dyed red. You can choose from a steel chain, bronze chain, or rope for your necklace. Get the Real Mushroom and Moss Necklace.

5. Olive Green Necklace


This olive green necklace would look great with any outfit. Pair your necklace with matching earrings to complete the look. Get the Olive Green Necklace.

6. Mushroom Earrings

mushroom earrings

These gorgeous mushroom earrings are between two tiger’s eye beads. The tiger’s eye is a stone of protection and prosperity. Get the earrings from Lunar Honey Handmade.

7. Moon Phase Moth Pendant

moth necklace

If you like to follow the moon phases, you’ll love this moon phase moth necklace. The moth symbolizes rebirth, change, and transformation. Get the Moon Phase Moth Pendant.

8. Goblin Box

grab bag

If you like small odds and ends, this is the box for you. This goblin box includes an assortment of anything and everything. Your box might include jewelry, gemstones, dry plants, and more. Get the Goblin Box.

9. Curiosities Mystery Box


Here’s another awesome mystery box that you’re going to love. Can you tell that I love mystery boxes? This box includes five curiosity items such as fossils, insect wings, animal bones, and more. Get the Curiosities Mystery Box.

10. Mushroom Pins

mushroom pins for hat 3D

These mushroom pins are the ultimate goblincore item. They are 3D-printed out of recycled plastics and have been painted to look like real mushrooms. Get the Mushroom Pins.

11. Woodland Moss Mug

woodland moss mug

Make your morning coffee or tea even better with a beautiful woodland moss mug. This mug would make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member. Get the Woodland Moss Mug.

12. Vulture Culture Mystery Box

grab box goblincore

Vulture culture is a subculture among others like Cottagecore and Goblincore. “Vultures” gather remains that have died naturally, and create art with the remains. Get the Vulture Culture Mystery Box.

Goblincore is an aesthetic that’s based on appreciating the parts of nature that are not typically seen as being beautiful. This can include things like mushrooms, lichen, and moss. By taking the time to appreciate these elements, you can create a more immersive and interesting experience when exploring nature.

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