21 Adorable Cat Tattoo Ideas

For many cat lovers, there’s no better way to show off their feline admiration than with a cat tattoo. But with so many cute and creative designs to choose from, narrowing down the options can be a challenge.

From minimalist designs to elaborate portraits, there’s a cat tattoo style to suit every taste.

While some people opt for cartoonish designs, others may prefer realistic designs that capture the essence of their beloved pet. Regardless of your personal style, I hope you’re able to find the perfect cat tattoo design inspiration.

1. Three Cats and a Dog Portrait

Three Cats and a Dog Portrait
Credit: tattooist_sazin

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of body art, gather your favorite pets together for a group tattoo. This design is one way to honor all your fur babies in one spot. You can also add small details like their names to personalize the design.

2. Business Cat Tattoo

Business Cat Tattoo
Credit: kiera_tattoo

For those who appreciate a good pun, this business cat tattoo is sure to strike the right chord. A fun choice for any devoted feline fan, this design offers plenty of room for customizing too.

3. Cat Looking at a Red Heart

Cat Looking at a Red Heart
Credit: _youyeon_

The combination of a cat gazing at a tiny red heart creates a striking visual that is bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone who catches a glimpse.

4. Two Cats within a Rectangle

Two Cats within a Rectangle
Credit: tattooist_siia

This tattoo of two beautiful cats within a rectangle tattoo is sure to make a statement. The design has a timeless quality and is ideal for those looking for something truly special.

5. Three Cute Kitten Faces

Three Cute Kitten Faces Tattoo
Credit: mmimi.tattoo

If you have kittens, then this design is the purrfect choice for you. It captures the cuteness of these beloved little fur babies in one playful and colorful image.

6. Cat with a Red Collar Outline Tattoo

Cat with a Red Collar Outline Tattoo
Credit: peony.poke

This subtle tattoo of a cat with a red collar has a simple outline design. The minimalist design features just enough detail to give the tattoo character. Consider changing the color of the collar or adding small details like paw prints.

7. Cat Surrounded By Strawberries

Cat Surrounded By Strawberries Tattoo
Credit: frufru.tts

This fun and playful design combines two of everyone’s favorite things – cats and strawberries! This cat surrounded by strawberries tattoo will surely bring a bit of sweetness to your look.

8. Vibrant Cats with Doodles

Vibrant Cats with Doodles Tattoo
Credit: vadimcracker

For those who are looking to add some extra color and personality to their tattoo, this vibrant cat design is sure to be a hit. With its bright colors and charming illustrations, this piece will make you feel like your favorite feline friends are right by your side.

9. Purple and Pink Kitten Outlines

Purple and Pink Kitten Outlines
Credit: soy_tattoo_

This adorable purple and pink kitten outlines tattoo is perfect. If you want something simple that still stands out, a design like this is great. I love the addition of the tiny blades of grass too.

10. Cats with Blue and Green Eyes

Cats with Blue and Green Eyes
Credit: loveyoon.too

This tattoo is cute, bold, and beautiful. It features two cats that have been created in a heart shape, with a red ribbon. Additionally, they have vibrant green and blue eyes.

11. I Think I Am a Tattoo

I Think I Am a Tattoo
Credit: lipnetattoo

I’ve never seen a tattoo like this one, but I find it to be so creative and charming. This quote would work perfectly for a number of different tattoo designs.

12. Black Cat Tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo
Credit: mustafaalakoc

If you’re a fan of tattoos that appear as if they are within the skin, this design should serve as inspiration. As you can see, it looks as if the cat is sitting within the owner’s elbow.

13. Two Cats and a Floral Bouquet

Two Cats and a Floral Bouquet
Credit: ovenlee.tattoo

Get ready to be mesmerized by this incredible tattoo featuring two adorable cats and a floral bouquet. If you’re in search of a truly eye-catching design, this is the one for you.

14. Photo Booth Cat Tattoo

Photo Booth Cat Tattoo
Credit: minari_tattoo

Okay, this design has taken cuteness to the next level. The cats are posing as if they’re taking pictures in a photo booth. The addition of the flowers makes this tattoo even more amazing.

15. Owner with All Their Pets

Owner with All Their Pets
Credit: minari_tattoo

This design showcases the owner with all of the pets. As you can see, they’ve certainly got a full house. The finished design turned out wonderful.

16. Cat with Paw Reaching Out

Cat with Paw Reaching Out
Credit: mustafaalakoc

I always enjoy seeing these 3D tattoos, where it looks as if a hand (or paw) is reaching out from the design. If you also enjoy this look, consider incorporating it into your cat tattoo.

17. Black and Grey Kitten Tattoo

Black and Grey Kitten Tattoo
Credit: tattooist_meoru

This kitten tattoo is a great option for those who appreciate black and grey designs. Consider adding cute doodles like sardines such as the artist did here.

18. Heart Shaped Kittens

Heart Shaped Kittens
Credit: catladybox

As the title implies, this heart-shaped kitten tattoo is the perfect way to honor your beloved cats. The simple design captures the cuteness of these adorable fur babies.

19. Cat Surrounded by Flowers

Cute Cat Surrounded by Flowers
Credit: frufru.tts

This cat surrounded by flowers is a great way to honor your favorite pet with a beautiful piece of art. The combination of the kitten and the colorful floral elements will make this design stand out.

20. Black Kitten and Pansies Tattoo

Black Kitten and Pansies Tattoo
Credit: kirbeeys

The curious and mischievous nature of a kitten contrasts beautifully with the delicate and gentle appearance of the pansy flowers. Another flower that would look beautiful with this design is the cherry blossom.

21. Playful Cat Tattoo

Playful Cat Tattoo
Credit: dorok.tattoo

For those who want a tattoo that looks like their cat, this realistic playful cat design is the perfect choice. With its detailed features and lifelike colors, this piece will make you feel like your pet is always with you.

I hope you were able to find the perfect cat tattoo design inspiration to match your style. Explore an array of adorable designs, from elegant outlines to stunning illustrations, that truly capture your furry friend.

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