14 Playroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Out of all the rooms in your house, I’m sure your children find the playroom to be the most fun. I mean, it is called a playroom after all, so having fun is the purpose of the room in the first place.

One thing I didn’t realize is how much you can do with your kids’ playroom. Let me tell you; there are some creative people out there who can put together playrooms that I could never even dream about.

If you’ve been thinking about turning a spare room in your home into a playroom; or if you already have a playroom, but you’re looking for creative ideas to make it better, you’re in the right place.

I’m happy to share with you creative playroom ideas that will inspire you. These playroom ideas are breathtaking and will give you so much inspiration when it comes to creating your own.

Playroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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1. Play Sign

I love the cubby organizers in this playroom. I also really love the “play” sign located above the storage area. I found the distressed letters on Amazon.

play sign
Image credit: @sallyserierealtor

2. Wooden Toys

This is a great way to display wooden toys, blocks and more. I love the shelf used to hold books as well as the picture featuring butterflies.

wooden play area
Image credit: @growingtogetherfdc

3. Wood Theme

I think this playroom is absolutely stunning. It’s so clean, neat, and organized. Again, this playroom also has a beautiful wood theme.

wooden toys
Image credit: steph.soj

4. Minimalist Playroom

If you’re looking for a minimalist playroom idea, I think you’ll love this room. It’s so simple, yet fun at the same time.

wooden shelf
Image credit: @thewondersofplay

5. Pops of Color

I love the pops of color that have been added to this playroom. The wall art is wonderful, and I love the comfy green rug.

green grass carpet in playroom
Image credit: @lets.play.all.day

6. Art on the Walls

The art on these walls is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having art like this in my office. The mat creates a great play area for your kids.

organized room with posters
Image credit: @thewondersofplay

7. Hideaway

What kid wouldn’t love this hideaway? The area has been built underneath the stairs. My neighbors have actually done this in their home, and their kids love it! Find out how this playroom was built by visiting Arin Solange at Home.

playroom under stairs

8. Girl’s Play Area

What a perfect area for girls. This mat is actually handmade, so if you’re able to crochet or knit, you could add your own handmade mat for a special touch.

canopy in girls room
Image credit: @pretty.playful.styling

9. Stuffed Animals

While this isn’t a playroom, I think elements of this room can be used for inspiration. I love the colors, stuffed animal storage, and wall art.

room filled with pillows and stuffed animals
Image credit: @faithkalson

10. Indoor Rock Climbing

I think that this is my favorite playroom in this post. Creating an indoor rock climbing area for your kids is such a great idea! There’s even an indoor swing. You can find indoor rock climbing holds on Amazon.

rock climbing in room
Image credit: @tinylittlepads

11. DIY Rock Climbing Tutorial

Here’s another cool indoor rock climbing setup. This one includes a simple DIY tutorial that you can find on The Created Home.

diy rock climbing

12. Plush Toys

This playroom features lots of handmade and plush toys that your children will love. I was able to find similar donut toys on Amazon.

plush toys
Image credit: @steph.soj

13. LEGO Sets

LEGO make a great addition to any playroom. The rainbow stackers in this photo can be found on Amazon.

rainbow legos
Image credit: @edelweiss_dawn

14. Cool Wallpaper

Any kid would love this cool wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper that fits your child’s personal taste.

comic book wall design
Image credit: @mrs_roobottom_home

I hope this post has given you a lot of great ideas for setting up your kids’ playroom. Remember to have fun with your playroom project.

Get creative with your color choices, consider adding a tent to your child’s playroom, or a comfortable chair to sit in while you enjoy watching them play. The sky’s the limit with what you can do with your children’s playroom.