17 Clever Letter Board Quotes You’ll Wish You Had Thought Of

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I love funny letter board quotes. Letter boards have been a hot trend for the past few years.

Part of the appeal of letter boards comes from the fact that they can function as artwork.

Artwork that can be easily changed to display different quotes.

If you browse Instagram, I’m sure that by now you’ve seen many humorous letter board quotes.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 17 clever letter boards that you’ll wish you had thought of.

If you want to create you own letter board, my favorite is the felt letter board on Amazon that includes 300 letters.

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17 Clever Letter Board Quotes

gain 10 pounds

I hate when I gain ten pounds for a role and then realize I’m not an actress.

100% that witch

Not all who wander to the kitchen at midnight are lost.

Letter board quotes

I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that witch.

ways to contact me

Ways to contact me ranked…

mom sleep

Mom sleep. It’s like regular sleep but without the sleep.

saw some idiot

I just saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

too many tabs letterboard

My brain has too many tabs open.

i don't care letterboard

I don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty. Is there coffee in it?

pumpkin spice letterboard

It’s 92 degrees outside… keep your pumpkin spice away from my margarita!

need me letter board

If anyone needs me, I’ll be reading. Please don’t need me.

preschool letter board

Why buy something for $20 when you can make it yourself for $19.95?

overthink letter board

And for my next trick, I’ll overthink.

sandwiches letter board

If by clubb’n you mean eat club sandwiches then yes, I go clubbing.

dusted letter board

I dusted once. It came back. I’m not falling for that again.

tacos letter board

It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart, and we still love them.

internet browser letter  board

My mind is like my internet browser…

adulthood letter board

Adulthood is a journey. Except it’s just wandering from one room to the next, wondering what you wen in there for.

Fall and Halloween Letter Board Ideas

Below I’ve added additional letter board ideas that are perfect for fall and Halloween.

ghost letter board

If you were a ghost you would still be my boo.

octobers letter board

I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.

gourd letter board
Credit: weheartit

Oh my gourd I love fall.

witch with coffee letter board

This witch can be bribed with coffee

sweata weatha letter board

Reasons why fall is #1. Sweata weatha, all the pumpkin, bugs return to the hell they came from.

flannel letter board

It’s almost that time of year when other girls looks cute in flannel and I look like I lost my axe.

witch craft letter board

I love the smell of coffee and witchcraft.

ghostess letter board

Ghostess with the mostest.