13 Polaroid Collage Ideas for Your Bedroom

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The instant camera, also known as the Polaroid camera, was invented by Edwin Land and released commercially in 1948.

Being the first of its kind, the Polaroid camera increased in popularity throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. However, as the use of digital photography began to rise, the once-popular camera started to decline, and in 2001, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy.

Thanks to the launch of Instagram in 2010, we’ve once again seen a rise in the use of Polaroid film and style.

Although the platform looks differently today, Instagram started off as a Polaroid-like app. It featured Polaroid frames and vintage-style filters.

If your love for Polaroid pictures has been reinvigorated, or if you have a newfound interest in Polaroid-style photos, I’m sharing 13 ways you can showcase your Polaroids in your bedroom.

1. Clothesline Style

polaroid wall decor  on string
Credit @salvatore.matrisciano

This Polaroid collage uses a simple clothesline style layout. You can replicate this look using this baker’s twine and these mini clothespins.

2. Minimalist Layout

polaroid wall decor with typewriter
Credit @andreavodiczkova

Here’s an easy-peasy layout that’s perfect for a minimalist bedroom.

3. Large Frame

polaroids in frame
Credit @paul.huntr

This collage is a little different from the others included in this post. This layout uses a large frame that can sit on a table, or you can hang it on your wall if you choose.

4. Talk Denver to Me

wall covered with pictures
Credit @kcidydesign

I love this layout because not only does it cover two walls, but it also includes a nifty “Talk Denver to Me” light-up sign. You can find your own wall light-up sign here on Amazon.

5. Filter Theme

polaroids with orange filer
Credit @allesiapagliuca_

I’m not sure which I love more, the layout or the beautiful color scheme used in the photos. You can really make your collage stand out by using a filter that stands out.

6. Washi Tape

holiday polaroids
Credit @tia_lennox

The playful patterns used on the Polaroids and the addition of washi tape make this collage look youthful and fun.

7. Clothes Pins

zig zag polaroids on wall
Credit @aesthetic_lif.e

Here’s a simple Polaroid wall layout that you can put together quickly. This layout would work well in a college dorm.

8. Letterboard

polaroids with letter board
Credit @aesthetic_lif.e

This is another collage idea that would work well for a college dorm room. I really love the addition of the letterboard.

9. Holiday Theme

christmas polaroid design
Credit @lelciaa

If you’re looking for a holiday-themed Polaroid wall layout, here’s a festive collage you can try out. I really like the addition of the washi tape and holly berries.

10. Large Pictures

polaroids with light border
Credit @endlesslyinspire

While this layout doesn’t use Polaroid pictures, you can definitely use this wall as inspiration. I really enjoy the addition of string lights on this picture wall.

11. Crescent Moon

polaroid wall decor  with moon mirror
Credit @vsco.funs

The addition of the crescent moon mirror gives this picture wall a unique touch. You can find a similar mirror here on Amazon.

12. Cover the Entire Wall

bedroom with a polaroid wall
Credit @pinyourdream

Can we just take a second to admire how gorgeous this bedroom is? And I just love how the entire wall is covered in pictures and string lights.

13. Twinkle Lights

twinkle lights with pictures and clothespin
Credit @moonavahome

This twinkly Polaroid layout is achieved using fairy string lights and mini clothespins.

I hope this post of Polaroid collage ideas has inspired you to create your very own Polaroid wall.

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