16 Festive Winter Nail Designs for Christmas

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Deck the halls with these festive Christmas nail design ideas. I’m sharing a great collection of nail designs for your acrylic or natural nails.

I don’t know about you, but by the end of November, I’m totally in the Christmas spirit. I’m ready to put up my Christmas tree, bake cookies, and drink peppermint mochas.

I’ve also started adding my nails to my holiday festivities. I think that it’s so fun to have my nails designed based on the season. If you’re like me and are looking for nail designs perfect for winter and Christmas, I’ve got you covered.

1. Snowman and Reindeer

Snowman and Reindeer nails
Credit: bzdurynapazury

These nails featuring a snowman and reindeer are so adorable. I love how the reindeer has red glitter for its nose. This design is perfect for anyone who’s looking for natural nail design ideas.

2. Polka Dots and Stripes

Polka Dots and Stripes nails
Credit: weheartit

What I love about these stiletto nails is that the design would look great using a variety of colors. You could use red and white to give your stripes a candy cane look. Or blue and white to give the polka dots the look of falling snow.

3. Gift Wrap Nails

Gift Wrap Nails
Credit: omynails

These gift wrap nails are perfect for natural and acrylic nails. The addition of the glitter really makes these nails stand out. You could also get silver nails and silver glitter if you want to switch things up.

4. Glitter Nail on Ring Finger

Glitter Nail on Ring Finger
Credit: disharm

I’ve always loved the look of having all nails one solid color except for the ring finger. These colors are perfect for the winter season and even work well for your New Years’ celebration. Below, you’ll also find this same design using a different color palette.

5. Grey and Glitter

silver winter nails
Credit: weheartit

These nails have a fun glitter accent nail. This look would be perfect for a New Year’s celebration.

6. Holiday Stars

Holiday Stars nails
Credit: barbrafeszyn

Deck out your nails with festive stars. I love the nuder color of the nails and the burgundy and gold stars. If you like the gold ribbon ring, you can find the ring on Amazon. If you enjoy this look but would like to try different colors, it would be fun to brainstorm different color palette ideas.

7. Snowman Nails

Snowman Nails
Credit: jojowickens

If you want your nails to stand out, these snowman nails are perfect. With snowmen and glittering snow, these are the ultimate festive winter nails. These cool nails were actually painted freehand, which is super impressive.

8. Winter Red Blue and White Nails

Winter Red Blue and White Nails
Credit: omynails

These nails include the ultimate holiday colors and instantly remind me of winter when I see them. Even though this design looks great as is, I think that it would also look great if the detailed design was only on the ring finger.

9. Holiday Natural Nails

Holiday Natural Nails
Credit: omynails

If you want to rock your natural nails for the holidays, you can get an amazing design without getting acrylics. These Christmas mix and match nails are so cute and fun.

10. Add Lot’s of Rings

Christmas nails with rings
Credit: weheartit

One great tip for making your nails stand out is to wear rings on your fingers. I love the look of wearing rings on all of your fingers, or even multiple rings per finger.

11. Blue and Gold

blue and gold winter nails
Credit: _mejzi

What I love about these nails is that the colors aren’t typical Christmas colors, they come together to look so beautiful and festive. The snowflakes along with the gold accents come together so wonderfully.

12. Solid Red with French Tip

red holiday nails
Credit: visagestudio_vd

Keep it classy with shimmery red nails. These nails have a unique twist because they feature a thin red French tip.

13. All That Glitters

pink and glitter christmas nails
Credit: weheartit

Nothing says the holidays like adding plenty of glitter to your look. And what better time to do it than the holidays.

14. Christmas Lights

christmas lights nails
Credit: barbrafeszyn

This Christmas lights design is so fun and festive. Think about all of the different color palettes you could use for this look.

15. Multiple Designs

green christmas nails
Credit: weheartit

These nails have two different designs separate from the solid colors. One nails has a festive glitter design while the other features white nail polish and gold tape.

16. Candy Canes

candy cane nails
Credit: barbrafeszyn

If you love candy canes, why not have them applied to your nails? These nails are so fun and festive, you’ll love rocking them.

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