Which is Better: Moby Wrap vs Boba Wrap

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In this post, I’ll be reviewing the MOBY WRAP and the BOBA WRAP, and comparing the two baby wraps.

Let me start by saying I own and love both the Moby Wrap and the Boba Wrap – I use them both regularly.

However, I’m frequently asked what the difference between the two is, and I completely understand that most people would prefer just one of the somewhat similar wraps.

Not everyone is as crazy as I, wanting 6+ wraps/carriers. So this post is for you, completely normal mom who only feels the need to have one wrap.

Hopefully, this will help you make your choice between the Moby Wrap, and it’s equally beloved counterpart, the Boba Wrap.

First of all, the two wraps are in no way related. The companies are completely different, though the style of wrap is very similar.

Both wraps are long bits of fabric that are tied in the same way around your body to aid in babywearing.

Both wraps are soft wraps (not structured carriers), thus adjust to many different people wearing it.

Which is Better: Moby Wrap vs Boba Wrap

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The Moby Wrap Review

The classic Moby Wrap is 100% cotton and available in many beautiful colors for about $45. The fabric is nice and sturdy and has held up to many washes, still holding my little one nice and tight against my body.

It can be used with babies up to 35lbs (which means, technically, I could still carry my three-year-old in it!) and is quite supportive when tied correctly.

I’ve never had any issues with my shoulders or back hurting after wearing my kids for extended periods of time, something I cannot say about some of my structured carriers.

One of its drawbacks: the Moby Wrap is quite thick. It was too warm for me to use in the summer heat with my first son, as we both were very uncomfortable in the thick fabric.

This drawback, however, becomes a pro in the winter time. My second son was born in September, which means we’ve been doing a lot of our babywearing during these winter months.

When I am wearing him outside, I usually grab the Moby Wrap because it keeps him nice and warm.

Another common complaint with the Moby is that there is almost too much fabric, which makes it awkward to put on. I will admit that with my first son, I couldn’t figure out the Moby until he was much older.

It never felt quite right – either too tight or too loose. As he grew, two things happened: I got better and more confident at tying him in there, and the wrap seemed to fit him better. This time around, I’ve been using the Moby Wrap without issue from birth.

The Boba Wrap Review

The Boba Wrap is made in the USA with a beautiful fabric that is super soft and silky, stretchy but still strong, and breathable.

It comes in a multitude of beautiful colors and patterns and retails for $40. It has held up to many washes without losing shape or strength and can hold babies up to 25lbs.

Just like the Moby Wrap, it is super supportive, and I’m able to wear my 16-pound baby for hours at a time without any pain in my back or shoulders.

The whole wrap folds up nice and tiny and can easily be stuffed into a diaper bag, and for that reason, it’s my go-to “on the go” wrap. Also, the Boba Wrap is super easy to put on (I can usually tie the whole thing in under a minute).

The fabric is super breathable, making it ideal in warmer temperatures. Neither my little one nor I have ever been uncomfortably warm in the Boba Wrap.

Side by Side Comparison

So how do they stand when compared side by side? While I truly love them both, if I were to recommend one over the other, it would be the Boba Wrap.

I’ve found it to be easier to use, lighter to carry when not in use, and cooler in warm weather, making it a wrap I can use all year round. Plus, it’s more affordable than the Moby Wrap, which is another nice perk.

If you’re looking for a wrap that will last longer, I really don’t have many complaints about the Moby Wrap either. Either way, you can’t go wrong.