What to Do With Stinky Diapers in Your Home

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We’ve all got ‘em. What do you do with the stinky diapers in your home? There are a lot of ways to dispose of diapers and today we’re featuring a Diaper Genie Complete review.

There are definitely other systems out there, a few of which I mention below. I have friends who just use their own trash can and seem to never have smelly diapers (or houses) so I would love to know what you do with smelly diapers? Or for you mamas to be, what are you planning to do with smelly diapers?

Diaper Genie Complete Review

The idea behind the Diaper Genie Complete (DGC) is pretty simple and it looks like a modern version of a trash can with some pretty cool, odor trapping features. The DGC is divided into two portions – a top piece where you place the dirty diaper and a bottom compartment that stores the diapers until you are ready to empty.

The compartments are closed off from one another so the smell is trapped in the lower compartment. I will say sometimes when you put a new diaper in you get a whiff of smelly diapers but once the lid is closed there is no more odor.

The DGC has built-in antimicrobial protection to not only protect from odors but also germs and bacteria. Generally speaking, the DGC takes up very little space which is a win for small and large spaces alike.

The DGC is super easy to use. It has special bags that come in the form of a circle that fit into the top compartment. By pulling the bags through to the bottom and tying a knot you’re ready to insert stinky diapers.

The handy foot pedal makes this a totally hands free operation which is much needed when your little one is laying on a dresser/changing table. The DGC has a large capacity, up to 38 to be exact.

I can’t say I ever counted but I am always impressed with the time in between empties. An added bonus of the DGC bags is the black warning stripe which lets you know you are coming to the end of the roll. When the time comes, the DGC folds in half at its midsection, you pull the bag out, knot it and get it out to the trash.

Due to our situation, there are times when we empty the DGC and can’t take it out to the trash shoot right away and there is no smell that comes from the bag! None at all (awesome).

So does it do its job? YES. We’ve been using it for seven months and never had an issue with smells escaping. Seriously, not one.

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I can honestly say, I am a big fan of the DGC but like most things, it is not perfect. Sometimes the diapers get stuck in between the top and bottom compartment. Not a big deal but it does usually take two hands to fix.

Some say it is a pain to have to buy a certain type of bag/refill but this is true of most diaper disposal systems. It has never bothered me and we haven’t run out. If we did run out though, I wouldn’t mind using our regular trash can until I could have diapers.com deliver refills to me or make it to a nearby store!

I can see why this could be a pain for some though.

All in all, I think DGC is a great diaper disposal system, it’s small footprint, ease of use and ability to prevent a stinky nursery make it a winner in my mind!

Another option worth considering…

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail – Functions much the DGC with its bag system and odor-blocking technology. The major differentiator is an Arm & Hammer Baking Soda insert that sprinkles baking soda every time the lid is closed to help further fight odors.

This model holds fewer diapers (around 25) than the DGC and one this small size is one major complaint from parents. Another major complaint is the lack of true odor blocking. However, reviews are mixed and some parents love this pail.

All in all, based on my research, I think this is a decent option. You have the same issue in that you can only use Munchkin refills. On the flip side, the bags are easy to change and are relatively reasonable.

I thought about including the Diaper Dekor but I just couldn’t find enough positive about it to include. I have “tested” it out for functional purposes in the store (did not put a diaper in it!) and it seemed like a glorified trash can and with a price of around $40 I would probably just go with a step trash can.