15 Trendy Knit Sweater Patterns for Beginners

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These easy knitted sweater patterns for beginners are so cute and trendy. You’re going to love wearing your soft and cozy handmade garment.

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1. Moonbow Slouchy Knit Cardigan

Moonbow Slouchy Knit Cardigan

You won’t be able to resist making this simple moonbow slouchy knit cardigan. This sweater is made with the soft Lion Brand Yarn Hue & Me yarn. Get the pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

2. Cozy Mock Neck Sweater

Cozy Mock Neck Sweater

If you’re looking for the ultimate beginner’s pattern, you’ll love making this beautiful knitted sweater. This sweater works from the bottom up and is worked back and forth in 1×1 ribbing and stockinette stitch. Get the pattern from Well Loved Knits.

3. Hazy Skies Sweater

Hazy Skies Sweater

I love this ultimate cozy and trendy hazy skies sweater. Have fun playing around with different yarn colors when you make your own. Get the pattern from A Honey Knits.

4. Clubhouse Raglan Hoodie

Clubhouse Raglan Hoodie

Whether you want to upgrade your loungewear or head out on the town, this clubhouse raglan hoodie is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. Get the pattern from Two of Wands.

5. Beginner Frosty Sweater

Beginner Frosty Sweater

Beginners will love making this frosty sweater. The sweater has a loose fit and is worked in the round with circular needs, bottom-up. Get the pattern from ESNQ Knit.

6. Stash Dive Raglan Knit Sweater

Stash Dive Raglan Knit Sweater

If you’re looking for a sweater that’s trendy with some wiggle room, make yourself this stash dive raglan knit sweater. It’s designed with 5″ positive ease. You can size up or down if you’d like! Get the pattern from Summer Lee Design Co.

7. The Saturn Jumper

The Saturn Jumper

If you’re ready to make your first knitted garment, you’ll love working up this gorgeous Saturn jumper. This is a cropped jumper that can be made as long as you’d like it. Get the pattern from The Knit Edit.

8. Head in the Clouds Sweater

Head in the Clouds Sweater

The head in the clouds sweater was inspired by hot air balloons because of its balloon-like sleeves. Make your sweater with a round neck or boat neck. Get the pattern from Lauren Aston Designs.

9. The Lodge Sweater

The Lodge Sweater

The lodge sweater has a classic look that you’re going to love. It’s slightly oversized which makes it perfect for those days when you just want to feel cozy. Get the pattern from Ozetta.

10. Perfect Cropped Sweater

Perfect Cropped Sweater

This perfect cropped sweater will look great paired with high-waisted jeans. Because it’s made with chunky wool yarn, it works up super quickly. Get the pattern from A Honey Knits.

11. Tierra Stitchy Hoodie

Tierra Stitchy Hoodie

Make your own knitted hoodie by following this easy pattern. If you’re comfortable knitting and purling, you’ll be able to make this sweater. Get the pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

12. Sweater with Pockets

Sweater with Pockets

Wear something original with this knitted sweater with pockets. You’ll love wearing this sweater that’s simple to make and fun to wear. Get the pattern from Daisy and Peace.

13. Coffee Club Jumper

Coffee Club Jumper

This coffee club jumper is fun to make and wear. Get creative when choosing the yarn colors for your sweater. This pattern is great for the confident beginner. Get the pattern from Brenda Made This.

14. Six Stitch Sweater

Six Stitch Sweater

If you’re looking to try out different stitches, this sweater includes different stitches in one garment. This sweater uses the basic knit and purl stitches. You’ll also be picking up stitches. Get the pattern from Jessie Also Knits.

15. Avala Sweater

Avala Sweater

If you’re an advanced beginner, this Avala sweater is perfect for you. The sweater is slightly oversized with balloon sleeves. Get the pattern from Hobiholik Fashion.

These knit sweater patterns are absolutely amazing, and I hope you were able to find your perfect sweater.

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