The Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms

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When I first found out I was pregnant, I was really excited to find the best pregnancy apps.

I’m hopelessly addicted to my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t text during date night or bring it to bed, but I definitely use it during the day to kill minutes between scheduled events.

I have a few of the standard games on there, but I was opened up to a whole new world when I found out I was pregnant.

Now, there’s no one app on my phone that I use for everything, but I have a few that I reference daily.

I also just got an iPad for my birthday, and while I’m primarily using that for my bad CandyCrush habit, I’m sure that I’ll move on to some mom-centric apps soon. Until then, here are my favorites:

The Best Pregnancy Apps

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1.THE BUMP (Free) – Joining this site was a right of pregnancy passage for me! Even though some of the forums have a reputation for being a little bit harsh, I’ve never personally experienced that.

Sometimes I browse their main site on Safari, but for the most part, I like to hang out on my “Birth Month” board. That’s why the app is so perfect for me.

It opens to its own iPhone-like home screen with buttons that link to things like a “how big is baby” growth chart, and yes, my birth month board.

The app makes it easy to post and read other posts, and not for nothing, their team of designers also did a great job making the whole thing pretty and clean looking.

2. BABY KICKS MONITOR (Free) – Like a lot of pregnant women, I sometimes worry about what’s going on in that belly of mine. Is the baby ok?

Everything copacetic in there? Kick counts were (and still are!) my favorite way to reassure myself that the baby is doing great.

I was surprisingly low tech for the majority of my pregnancy; I just looked at a clock and counted on my fingers. Recently, though, I started using this app and holy moly, it’s so much better.

It’s also dummy-proof – open it up, hit the “record kicks” button when baby moves, and repeat. It automatically stops when you hit one hour or ten kicks.

Fortunately, I’ve always hit ten before the hour, but if I hadn’t, it would have been nice to have a record of exactly how often she kicked and how much time was between kicks.

You can also set it up to email you (or your doctor) the results of your latest count.

Pregnancy Essentials:

  • Pregnancy Pillow. I was skeptical about pregnancy pillows when I was pregnant with my first child. This time around, I am obsessed.
  • TUMS. I eat lots of Tums, and they really help – sometimes more than others but generally speaking, I don’t really go a day without them.
  • Leggings. I would be lying if I said that I only wear leggings when pregnant… BUT they are basically my uniform these days.

3. MY PREGNANCY (Free) – BabyCenter is a website that’s very similar to The Bump, but their app functions very differently for me. I don’t spend any time on their forums, instead, I play with their calendar.

There’s at least one “to-do” every day, and sometimes a little blurb about something pregnancy-related (yesterday’s was commonly asked breastfeeding questions).

If I’m being honest, I never do the to-do’s, but they’re often good reminders of what I should be thinking about during the week.

What I really love about this app is the alert that I get once a week when I graduate to the next week of pregnancy.

I can’t even tell you how excited I get about Monday mornings, because I know my phone will have a little text from My Pregnancy talking about the week to come.

4. PREGNANCY FOOD GUIDE ($0.99) – Pre-pregnancy, I was a strict vegetarian, but during pregnancy, I started eating fish for some extra protein.

Adding a whole food group that I wasn’t very familiar with to my diet was a little anxiety-producing, and I whipped out my phone almost every time we went to the grocery store to Google “cod” or “lobster roll.”

I wish I would have downloaded this app then – it would have been great. It’s broken down by food groups (think “Cheese & Dairy” and “Vegetables”), and covers the basics.

It’s not as comprehensive as I would like (I wish you could search for specific items, like Kombucha, because I’m still not sure if I’m allowed to drink that), but it would have been awesome in the first trimester when I was still struggling to remember what was and wasn’t allowed.

Those are my favorite pregnancy apps. Share your favorites below!