The Best Baby Products for Your One-Month-Old

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It’s hard to believe it has been a month since our sweet little girl entered the world.

In addition to falling head over heels in love with her, we’ve also fallen in love with some great baby products for our one-month-old, and we thought we’d share them with you!

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The Best Baby Products for Your One-Month-Old

1. Wubbanubs


I love these little guys, and so does my little one! They are basically a supped up version of your average pacifier.

Not only are the plush animals adorable, but they also make it easy for mom and dad to find when it falls out of the little one’s mouth.

I think our love for these will only grow as she gets older and can hold on to them better. She already is loving looking at the cute little animal as well as grasping it while it soothes her to sleep.

2. Halo Sleepsack

halo sleepsack

Number one reason to love the SleepSack? Safety! Sleepsacks eliminate the need for any other blankets or bedding in the crib.

The absence of additional bedding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, so we know we are doing the right thing.

We have the SleepSack pictured, which allows you to swaddle the arms in or out. My baby loves her arms and hands, we swaddle her arms out, and she is a happy camper.

At this age, she still likes the tight swaddle around her mid-section. The Sleep Sacks are easy to wash and come in a variety of sizes and colors. These are a total must-have for us!

3. Footies


My one-month-old has been living in these Footies like the Kissy Kissy one shown here. To me, these are the perfect clothing option for newborns for a few reasons.

Most importantly, they don’t go over the head and are easy to get on and off. If your baby is anything like mine, they hate being cold, and we can easily lay the new Footie underneath her and do a quick change into a fresh outfit.

Furthermore, they are warm and eliminate the need for socks or mittens, which makes things even easier on mama and papa. I definitely recommend stocking up on a few Footies for your newborn!

4. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

swaddle blanket

I am sure we aren’t the only family with these blankets on our “favorites” list, but we absolutely love them. They are the perfect size and weight for swaddling, wash easily, and come in super cute colors and patterns.

The breathability of the blankets is awesome, and the muslin itself actually helps regulate the baby’s body temperate (which explains her love for these blankets!).

They may be markets as swaddle blankets, but we have used them as a stroller cover, burp cloth, and even a changing pad in a bind. Who doesn’t love multi-functional products?

5. Bugaboo Donkey

bugaboo donkey

We went with the Bugaboo Donkey because of its ability to convert to a double stroller down the road. Currently, we have the infant car seat adapter on, and it is the perfect way to stroll my baby around town.

Plus, this stroller allows us to walk out infant along with her baby brother.

We have tried the bassinet, but she still seems too tiny in the big bassinet, and I don’t feel as secure with her in it as I do in the infant car seat.

The stroller is super smooth when navigating the rough sidewalks, and its turning radius is nothing short of amazing.

6. Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet

rock with me bassinet

We love this little thing. Its been great for naps in the family room, and its portability is unmatched. My little one is comfy in it and loves the rocking feature.

Personally, I love the size of it. It has allowed us to disassemble our Pack ‘n Play, which creates more space in our 1,300 SF condo!

7. Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet

co-sleeper bassinet

The Co-Sleeper is another reason we were able to disassemble the bulky Pack ‘n Play. Words can’t express how much I love having my baby at eye level with me when we are sleeping.

It’s easy to keep a watchful eye on her as well as grab her for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. Laying her back down to sleep undistributed is super easy, which allows me to maximize my shut-eye.

There you have it – a roundup of our favorite products at one month old.