12 Super Trendy Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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I love seeing how popular crochet cardigan patterns have become. Thanks to crochet TikTok, I feel like crochet has become more popular than ever!

One trend that’s been going around is people making their very own crochet cardigan. This is what inspired me to share some of my favorite trendy crochet cardigan patterns, such as patchwork cardigans, colorblock cardigans, and more.

Gather Your Crochet Supplies

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1. Kiwi Cropped Cardigan 

Kiwi Cropped Cardigan

I adore this kiwi cropped cardigan. If you like the look of this cardigan, be sure to get the pattern based on your clothing size. Get the pattern in the following sizes: Medium and Large Pattern | X-Small and Small Pattern

2. The Everyday Crochet Cardigan

The Everyday Crochet Cardigan

This free crochet cardigan pattern provides instructions on how to make a gorgeous everyday crochet cardigan. This is a great beginner’s project. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

3. Colorblock Cardigan

Colorblock Cardigan

I have been obsessed with colorblocked cardigans. They have that fun vintage feel and they’re actually very beginner friendly. This pattern contains instructions for sizes XS-XXL. If you’re looking for color palette ideas, I recommend using the site Color Palettes. Get the pattern from Sunshine and Crafts.

4. Clouded Dreams Cardigan

Clouded Dreams Cardigan

This oversized cardigan can be made using your favorite colors. You can also have fun trying out different button colors and shapes too. The skill level for this pattern is listed as advanced. Get the pattern from Officially Hooked Shop.

5. Chunky Oversized Bomber

Chunky Oversize Bomber

If you’re looking for something simple and cozy, I think you’ll love this attention-grabbing cardigan. The balloon sleeves give this cardigan a fun and unique look. Get the pattern from King and Eye Crochet.

6. The Bea Bobble Cardigan 

The Bea Bobble Cardigan

This trendy cardigan features bobble sleeves that are sure to stand out from the crowd. If you’re new to the bobble stitch, you can find a how to crochet the bobble stitch tutorial on YouTube. Get the pattern from Avarus Crochet Designs.

7. Crochet Everyday Cotton Cardigan

Crochet Everyday Cotton Cardigan

This everyday cotton cardigan is perfect for the summer and fall. This cardigan features loosely fitted balloon sleeves that are so stylish and fun. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

8. The Siesta Cardi

The Siesta Cardi

The pattern for this oversized siesta cardigan is written in both English and Español. Make your cardigan using multiple colors or just one color. Get the pattern from Lola Crochets Store.

9. Cropped Cardigan

Cropped Cardigan

This fun and comfy cardigan can be made in any color combination and will fit a wide range of sizes (XS-XXXL). If you like this cardigan, remember, it has a cropped fit. The skill level is listed as beginner and advanced beginner. Get the pattern from Shop Morgan Makes.

10. This or That Cardigan

This or That Cardigan

Put together your favorite color combination and make this gorgeous patchwork cardigan. The pattern is written for a wide range of sizes; however, it can also be altered to fit you perfectly. Get the pattern from Officially Hooked Shop.

11. The Granger Cardigan

The Granger Cardigan

I love a good chunky cardigan. They work up quickly and they are so warm and cozy. I love how this pattern was named after Hermione Granger. Get the pattern from Pink Sheep Design.

12. Watermelon Cardigan

Watermelon Cardigan

Here’s another cool pattern from Bai Retro. This pattern features watermelon slices. Get the pattern in the following sizes: Medium and Large Pattern | X-Small and Small Pattern

These crochet cardigan patterns are not only fun to look at, but they are also super fun to make. I hope you enjoy your next cardigan.

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