12 Super Cute Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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I love these super cute crochet amigurumi patterns. Amigurumi are actually the reason behind why I learned how to crochet. I’m so glad that I did because crocheting has become something quite close to my heart.

Amigurumi means “little doll” in Japanese and is the art of making cute stuffed animals, dolls, etc. out of yarn. Amigurumi are popular with both advanced crocheters as well as beginner crocheters who want an easy project for their first time crocheting.

Below I’ve curated a great collection of crochet amigurumi patterns. These patterns are cute, fun, and great for beginners.

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1. Among Us Amigurumi

This Among Us pattern is a free, fun, and easy crochet project. Among Us is a fun multiplayer game where you work together to find the imposter. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

among us amigurumi

2. King Cobra Snake

Crochet this king cobra snake for yourself or your little one. Little ones will love playing with this fun handmade toy. Get the pattern from Knot Monster.

king cobra snake amigurumi

3. Brownie Sundae

I love patterns from Yarn Blossom Boutique. I’ve made three patterns of theirs and they always turn out so cute. This brownie sundae amigurumi looks like so much fun to make. Get the pattern from Yarn Blossom Boutique.

ice cream sundae amigurumi

4. Ice Cream Amigurumi

This free pattern will show you how to make both big and small crochet ice cream cones. These ice creams are sure to become your favorite treat! Get the pattern on Ravelry.

ice cream cone amigurumi

5. Alda the Owl

I’ve actually made this owl for myself and it looks so great sitting on my bookshelf. This pattern has great written instructions and photos to guide you through the process of making it. Get the pattern from EmSaCrochet.

owl amigurumi

6. Carl the Chameleon

I’ve always wanted to own a chameleon and this amigurumi is the next best thing. When I make amigurumi, my favorite yarn to use is Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. I find that it helps your creation hold its shape. Get the pattern from Yarn Wave Shop.

chameleon amigurumi

7. Baby Yoda

This baby Yoda doll is a cute and easy crochet project. Make one for yourself or give it to your favorite Star Wars fan as a gift. I love how this baby Yoda is holding a hot drink. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

baby yoda amigurumi

8. Evil Queens

I love these evil queen crochet dolls! These would look great on display as Halloween decorations. Of course, I would leave mine out year-round. The pattern includes instructions for making all four queens. Get the pattern from GinansilyoNiMarya.

evil queens amigurumi

9. Jellyfish

If you want to make a sea creature, I know you will love this jellyfish. This cute jellyfish would make a great gift for a friend. Make more than one using your favorite colors. Get the pattern from Knot Monster.

jellyfish amigurumi

10. Amigurumi Chick

If you love adorable animals, then this little baby chick should be on your list. It’s super easy to make and too cute to resist. Get the pattern on Ravelry.

baby chicks amigurumi

11. Octopus

If you want to make something super easy and beginner-friendly, you can’t go wrong with this crochet octopus. Make as many as you want using fun colors and hand them out as gifts to your friends and family. Get the pattern from Baby Cakes Studios.

octopus amigurumi

Amigurumi are a really great project for advanced and beginner crocheters to try out. If you’re looking for an easy, fun, and cute crochet pattern that will work up quickly then amigurumi is the perfect thing!

These patterns have been carefully curated as some of our favorite beginner-friendly amigurumi patterns. We hope they provide you with inspiration in your own crafting journey!

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