20 Cheerful Happy Face Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for happy face tattoo design ideas, I have an incredible collection of happy face designs below.

While the traditional yellow happy face is probably the most popular option, there are endless possibilities when customizing your design.

You can choose to add color or keep it simple with a black ink tattoo. The funnest part of getting a happy face tattoo is deciding on the placement.

Most people love for their happy face tattoo to be visible. Others like to put them in fun and hidden places, such as the bottom of the big toe. Let your imagination run wild when deciding on your simple but bold tattoo design.

Tiny Happy Face Tattoo

Tiny Smiley Face Tattoo
Credit: heart.haney

It doesn’t get any cuter than this tiny happy face tattoo. The size of this design is what makes it so fun and unique. This is a great first tattoo design idea.

Matching Happy Face Tattoos

Matching Smiley Face Tattoos
Credit: bongkee_

These matching happy face tattoos are perfect for fun-loving couples and best friends. Get inked up with your loved one and show the world how happy you are together.

Colorful Happy Face Bubble

Smiley Face Bubble
Credit: inkflow_akiwong

Here’s a happy face tattoo design you probably haven’t seen before. The face is designed to look like a bubble, and the different colors make the tattoo stand out.

Simple Happy Face

Simple Smiley Face
Credit: courtneylloydtattoos

You can’t go wrong with a simple tattoo like this because it’s so classic. Make your traditional happy face design as large or as small as you’d like.

Happy Face and Skull

Smiley Face and Skull
Credit: txttoo

This design features a yellow happy face that eventually showcases a skull design. Try to come up with your own cool ideas for your unraveling happy face.

Happy Face with Tear Drop

Smiley Face with Tear Drop
Credit: ephemeraltattoo

Don’t forget that you can change the expression on your face. This face includes a single teardrop. Use your phone’s keyboard to find more inspiration for your happy face.

Happy Face on Upper Hip

Smiley Face on Upper Hip
Credit: ziluu_tattoo

The upper hip area is a lovely location for your happy face tattoo. You’ll love showing off your tattoo on the beach or on other warm-weather adventures.

Happy Face Wrist Tattoo

Smiley Face Wrist Tattoo
Credit: tattooed.barbiegirl

The wrist is one of the most popular locations for a happy face tattoo. This simple little face is a perfect idea if you’re looking for wrist tattoo designs.

Happy Face Arm Tattoo

Smiley Face Arm Tattoo
Credit: tattoosbymichaelamay

The arm is another excellent location for this type of tattoo. The artist did a great job creating a clean and neat tattoo that will look excellent for years to come.

Happy Face on the Ankle

Smiley Face on the Ankle
Credit: reign.aesthetic

If you’re considering getting a tattoo on the ankle area, remember that this is one of the most painful areas to get inked. The results will be worth it, though, when you see your finished tattoo.

Matching Wrist Tattoos

Matching Wrist Tattoos
Credit: cn_artz_ink

Here’s another set of matching tattoos. This set features simple and small happy faces that are perfect for friends getting their first tattoo together.

Happy Face Flower

Smiley Face Flower
Credit: beckypopetattoo

This happy face flower tattoo is filling in an empty space in an arm sleeve. The vibrancy of this tattoo makes it stand out in such a beautiful way.

Happy Face with Heart Tattoo

Smiley Face with Heart Tattoo
Credit: laylizzle.tats

You can combine your happy face with another shape to create one uniform and beautiful tattoo. This tattoo uses a heart shape, but you can also try your hand at incorporating a star, cross, and more.

Distorted Happy Face

Distorted Smiley Face
Credit: wearetattuba

This distorted happy face design is quite popular and something you might want to consider. It takes the standard circle of the face and distorts it.

Melting Happy Face

Melting Smiley Face
Credit: artistvii

This happy face tattoo design is similar to the distorted tattoo shown previously but has more of a melted appearance. Something like this would also look nice, using colored ink to enhance the effect.

Happy and Sad Face Tattoo

Happy Face and Sad Face Tattoo
Credit: tangerine.tattoos

You don’t often come across a design that displays both the happy and sad faces in one. If that’s something that interests you, let this design inspire you.

Happy Face on the Big Toe

Smiley Face on the Big Toe
Credit: abbymactattoos

Have a little fun by placing your design on the bottom of your foot. Alternatively, you can put it on one of your fingertips. Placing your tattoo in either of these locations will be a great conversation starter.

Blue Happy Face Tattoo

Blue Smiley Face Tattoo
Credit: xin_tattoooo

Use your favorite color for your happy face tattoo design. The blue used here makes the tattoo look bold. Other bold colors you can use are red, purple, or green.

Happy Face Ankle Tattoos

Smiley Face Ankle Tattoos
Credit: mbuzzart

In cartoons, when a face has “x” eyes, it usually signifies shock, hope, fear, or embarrassment. Take a look at different emoji faces on your phone for ideas for your matching tattoo.

Reminder to Smile

smiley face in palm of hand
Credit: lukeaashley

With a tattoo like this, whenever you need a reminder to smile, simply look at the palm of your hand. This design serves as a daily reminder to stay positive.

If you’re looking for a happy face tattoo, check out one of these designs for inspiration. We’ve gathered some of the best ideas and put them all in one place so that you can find the perfect design for your personality.

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