17 Purple Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Make You Feel Luxurious

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These purple acrylic nail designs will make you feel absolutely luxurious. In case you didn’t know, the color purple is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, etc. If those sound like qualities you want to represent, then purple is the color for you.

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purple nails with flowers

Credit: candylacnails

Purple with Gold Flakes

Beneath the top coat of these purple nails, you can see beautiful gold flakes. I love the addition of gold flakes to nails. They give them an appearance that stands out beautifully. Additionally, as you can see, this look works great for your natural nails too.

purple nails with gold flakes

Credit: ilnp

purple plaid nails

Credit: emil.ynail

Shades of Purple

These square-shaped nails feature gorgeous shades of purple. Get your nails done with a glossy or matte look. Additionally, choose your favorite nail shape whether it be square, almond-shaped, acrylic coffin nails and more.

ombre purple nails

Credit: lamonanails

evil eye purple nails

Credit: heisyrod

ice cream nails

Credit: auranaildesign

glitter purple nails

Credit: kdnailartistry

Purple Halloween Nails

These lilac colored nails have a cute and fun Halloween theme. They feature ghosts, stars, and even cute text that says the word “boo.” If you’re interested in checking out some fall nail designs, make sure you read my post that features 20 Beautiful Fall Nails.

purple halloween nails

Credit: ashxmcgrath

purple nails with glitter

Credit: nicoles_dipnails

Purple Nails with Rhinestones

If you’re looking for an elegant nail design that you can wear to events but also works great for everyday life, I think you’ll love these purple nails that include rhinestones. Change up the nail color to match your mood or go with your favorite color.

purple nails with rhinestones

Credit: oh.cest.nails

Purple Nails with Gold Foil Dots

These are some of my favorite purple nails. I just love the addition of the gold foil dots. This design would look great with other colors too. Pink with gold dots, or even white nails with gold dots would be perfect.

dark purple nails

Credit: olootka_nailart

pink and purple halloween nails

Credit: kandykrylix

purple nails with silver glitter

Credit: roseangelicasalon

UFO Nails

These UFO-themed nails would be great for Halloween; however, they would be perfect for any time of year too. This design features galaxy elements such as an unidentified flying object, and an alien.

ufo galaxy nails

Credit: sany_nails_split

Dotted Purple nails

I just love the uniqueness of these dotted purple almond-shaped nails. There are so many variations you can do with a look like this, so feel free to explore your creativity when showing this look to your nail technician or doing them yourself.

dotted purple and pink nails

Credit: stardustntears

lilac nails

Credit: top.fryzjer

Purple Glitter Frenchies with White Stars

These simple but stand-out nails feature beautiful purple glitter frenchies and white stars on each nail. If you love these nails, make sure you check out the nail artist (link below photo) for more beautiful acrylic nail design ideas.

purple french tip nails

Credit: vwnails_

If you love the color purple, then these purple acrylic nail designs are for you! They look stunning and will make your hands look so luxurious and elegant. I hope this post has helped inspire ideas on how to incorporate more purple in your life!