14 Patriotic American Flag Tattoo Ideas for Women

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With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought it would be fun and fitting to share some American flag tattoo ideas for women.

On my search for amazing American flag tattoos for women, it became clear to me that this style of tattoo is definitely male-dominated. So I’ve included tattoos that have been tattooed on men, but would look great on women too!

If you’re not quite ready for a permanent tattoo, I’ve also included some temporary American flag and patriotic tattoos. These tattoos are perfect for kids and adults during the 4th of July holiday.

1. Star American Flag

This American flag temporary tattoo is in the shape of a star and would be perfect for parties, or other Fourth of July events. You can get the temporary tattoo from Jewel Flash Tattoos.

american flag temporary tattoo star

2. Tiger with American Flag

This tattoo is absolutely stunning. The addition of the tiger is amazing. The artist did such a great job with the shading.

american flag and tiger tattoo
Artist Credit: johnnymatters

3. American Flag Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is one of my favorite locations for a tattoo. A simple American flag like this would look great on the inner arm area.

american flag wrist tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

4. Fouth of July Tattoos

Here’s a fun set of temporary tattoos that kids and adults will have so much fun wearing. This set includes 9 hand illustrated tattoos. Get the temporary tattoos from Love and Lion.

fourth of july temporary tattoos

5. Bald Eagle and American Flag

Here’s a patriotic tattoo that features the bald eagle. The bald eagle is America’s national bird.

eagle tattoo
Artist Credit: tylerdtattoo

6. Flag Beneath Skin Apperance

If you want to go all out, you’ll love this tattoo. It has the appearance of being beneath the skin. This location is perfect for this type of tattoo.

3d American flag tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

7. Simple Wrist Tattoo

Here’s another American flag tattoo located on the wrist. I’m almost certain that this is a temporary tattoo. You can find this temporary tattoo from Love and Lion.

temporary american flag tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

8. Eagle with Blue Eyes

My favorite thing about this tattoo is the blue eagle eyes. Because the rest of the tattoo is black and white, it really makes the eyes stand out. You can also use the true color of an eagle’s eyes, which is more of a yellow shade.

american flag with eagle with blue eyes
Artist Credit: akuma_inkspired

9. Upper Arm Flag

Here’s a tattoo that’s perfect for anyone who wants a tattoo sleeve and are looking for ideas. This tattoo covers the entire upper arm area. Yours can take up less space if you’d like.

woman with american flag tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

10. Flag with Eagle

This tattoo looks similar to the one shared above. The colors are different and it also features an eagle.

american flag with eagle
Artist Credit: weheartit

11. Black Ink American Flag

If you like this tattoo, you can get something similar but make it your own by using colored ink.

american flag shoulder tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

12. Vibrant Red and Blue

This tattoo showcases the person’s love for their county and includes vibrant red and blue inks that help it stand out even more.

american flag and police officer tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

13. Forearm Tattoo

If you’re looking for a forearm tattoo idea, this tattoo will provide you with plenty of inspiration. You can get a colored or black ink tattoo.

forearm american flag tattoo
Artist Credit: chitwoodink93

14. Creative Line Tattoo

The style of this tattoo is really simple and also creative. I love the addition of the quote that says “all that I am I owe to my family.”

quote flag tattoo
Artist Credit: collectivecovet

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