13 Minecraft LEGO Sets Players Will Love Building

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Combine your love for Minecraft and LEGOS with these awesome Minecraft LEGO sets. From farms to Creeper mines to castles, there are so many sets to choose from below.

These Minecraft LEGO sets make great gifts, even if you’re gifting them for yourself. 🙂

1. The Abandoned Mine 21166

The Abandoned Mine 21166

Help Minecraft’s leading character fight off hostile creatures in the real world with this action-packed set. Players will mine, build and explore while under attack from various enemies including a familiar cast of characters: Steve (the game’s protagonist), zombies, spiders and living slime. Get the set on Amazon.

2. The Pig House 21170

The Pig House 21170

Minecraft lovers will have fun building structures with the LEGO Minecraft The Pig House. This set includes a Minecraft character, Alex and the iconic creeper. It also comes with two pigs that are unique to this particular game which players can take care of by feeding them carrots! Get the set on Amazon.

3. The Bee Farm 21165

The Bee Farm 21165

The LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm set features characters and creatures from the online game. There is a beekeeper with elytra wings, villager, baby sheep, 4 friendly bees and 4 angry bees included in the set. This LEGO set also has a rotatable flying feature that allows the bees to wreak havoc. Get the set on Amazon.

4. The Blaze Bridge 21154

The Blaze Bridge 21154

The Blaze Bridge is a construction set that allows you to build and venture The Blazing Bridge with swooping blaze and gravel rockfall functions. It contains building blocks such as the lava, soul sand, glowstone, nether quartz stones along with 2 potions and more. Get the set on Amazon.

5. The Pillager Outpost 21159

The Pillager Outpost 21159

This playset comes with three sections that can be built into different setups. There are also minifigures of an Iron Golem and some Pillagers from the game. The best part is you don’t even have to stick within the original instructions because it encourages creativity so much more than other sets do. Get the set on Amazon.

6. The Iron Golem 21123

The Iron Golem 21123

With your diamond pickaxe, mine the iron ore and smelt it in a furnace. Make an iron block using the crafting table to create new items for adventures. Includes Alex and a zombie plus other characters like the iron golem and a baby pig. Get the set on Amazon.

7. The Illager Raid 21160

The Illager Raid 21160

This Minecraft LEGO set takes players to a new dimension with its action-packed features. Builders can rearrange the sections and create endless hands on adventures that involve tackling hostile mobs. Get the set on Amazon.

8. The Crafting Box 3.0 21161

The Crafting Box 3.0 21161

This Minecraft construction set contains 564 pieces and popular characters, like Steve, Alex, Creeper, pig and zombie. It also has some pretty cool features like a TNT launcher and more. Get the set on Amazon.

9. The Skull Arena 21145

The Skull Arena 21145

This Minecraft playset is based on the exciting game and includes 2 LEGO figures, each with their own unique skin. The set also comes with a firing slime shooter to defeat your opponent in battle! Get the set on Amazon.

10. The Creeper Mine 21155

The Creeper Mine 21155

The LEGO Minecraft Creeper Mine is an exciting set that includes a Creeper statue, minecart, rail track, shelter, oven, and more. It also features Steve, a blacksmith, a Creeper, cow and bat figures. Get the set on Amazon.

11. The Nether Portal 21143

The Nether Portal 21143

With this LEGO Minecraft set, you can build a Nether Portal setting with flames and mushrooms. The set also includes a minecart track system that curves around the lava flow function, plus Steve minifigure holding sword accessory. Get the set on Amazon.

12. The Chicken Coop 21140

The Chicken Coop 21140

The LEGO Minecraft chicken farm includes a henhouse, grass area for chickens to graze on, furnace and water. The set also comes with an Alex minifigure so you can play as the popular character from the game! Get the set on Amazon.

13. The First Adventure 21169

The First Adventure 21169

Now you can play with Steve and Alex in the world of LEGO Minecraft. The set includes skeletons, a cat, a sheep, moobloom, and fun features that recreate one of the online game’s most exciting environments! Get the set on Amazon.

There you have it, a collection of Minecraft LEGO sets to keep players busy for hours on end. With so many choices from farms to Creeper mines to castles, there’s something for everyone when it comes to these little brick-built worlds.

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