11 Mesmerizing White Ink Tattoo Ideas

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White ink tattoos are growing in popularity. More and more people are looking for white ink tattoo ideas, and I can see why. These tattoos are unique and definitely have a mesmerizing look.

Plus, if you want an elegant and subtle tattoo, white ink may be the way to go. Because they’re not as easy to notice, that can easily be covered up.

And because they’re so unique, they will be so fun to show off to unsuspecting friends, family, or acquaintances. Below you’ll find some awesome white ink tattoo ideas, plus I’m sharing my top reason why you’ll love your new white ink tattoo.

1. Simple White Flower

leaf tattoo with flowers
Artist Credit: weheartit

If you want a simple and delicate tattoo, consider getting a basic floral or leaf design on your wrist.

2. Butterfly and Flower

flower and butterfly tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

Here’s another delicate wrist tattoo that you may love. This one features a butterfly on one wrist and a simple flower on the other.

3. Small Sun

sun white ink tattoo
Artist Credit: lu.pokes

Let the sunshine in with this white sun tattoo. This tattoo is located on the ankle area, and looks awesome.

White Ink Tattoos Are Unique

It’s not every day that you come across someone with a white tattoo. If you enjoy standing out from the crowd, a white ink tattoo is perfect for you.

Additionally, did you know that you can add UV ink to your tattoo? Adding UV ink to your white tattoo will allow it to glow at night, making your tattoo even more fun and unique.

You can learn more about black light tattoos (UV tattoos) by checking out the article All You Need to Know About Black Light Tattoos.

4. Two Butterflies

two butterflies
Artist Credit: nhi.ink

If you’re looking for first tattoo ideas, you can’t go wrong with two butterflies. This tattoo is so cute and stands out beautifully.

5. Smiley Face

happy face tattoo on finger
Artist Credit: playground_tat2

I just love this cute smiley face tattoo. Everyone that you show this tattoo to will smile. They don’t have much of a choice.

6. Floral White Ink

roses white ink tattoo
Artist Credit: theartofsquiggz

Yes, you can definitely get a sleeve tattoo using white ink. As you can see, the artist was able to tattoo flowers going along the length of the arm, and it turned out great.

White Ink Tattoos Fade

For some people, the fact that their white tattoo will fade is actually a pro. White tattoos don’t stay vibrant forever. They will eventually fade into a fleshy color (depending on your skin tone).

This means that down the line if you no longer want your tattoo, it will be a subtle mark on your body that you may not even notice. Because of this, you have less of a chance of regretting your tattoo, and you won’t have to worry about tattoo removal.

7. White Ink Leaf

leaf tattoo
Artist Credit: unicornsout

I’ve always been a big fan of leaf tattoos. They have such a delicate and feminine appearance that I really love.

8. Tree with Roots

tree tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

What’s cool about this tattoo is that the tree branches and roots look similar to each other. If you have kids, you can add their names to your white ink tattoo.

9. Floral Shoulder Tattoo

shoulder flower tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

Here’s another great example of how you can achieve larger tattoos with white ink. This tattoo features flowers going along the shoulder and chest area.

Less Tattoo Discrimination

Even in today’s time, people with tattoos can still be discriminated against in the workplace. Because white tattoos are more subtle, getting a white tattoo allows you to enjoy the experience of having a tattoo without having to worry about hiding it from your potential employer.

10. Single Butterfly

butterfly white ink tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

Earlier, I shared a few tiny butterfly tattoos. If you want something larger, here’s a great example of how a medium to large butterfly design would look.

11. White Ink Rose

flower white ink tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

If you’re looking for forearm tattoo ideas, you’ll love this white ink rose. Get your tattoo as big or as small as you’d like.

Now that you’ve discovered some cool white ink tattoo ideas and learned some pros for getting a white tattoo, you can decide if you would like to move forward with getting one.

To further help you make your decision, I recommend searching for the cons of getting a white ink tattoo as well. This will help you make an informed decision before moving forward.

If you’re getting your first tattoo, make sure you check out my informative article discussing my best tips for getting your first tattoo. This simple guide includes everything you need to know about getting your first tattoo.

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