10 Lovely Bedroom Decor Ideas

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If you’re looking for cozy and trendy bedroom decor ideas, you’ll find a lot of inspiration below.

There are many different options available to you when it comes to refreshing your bedroom decor.

You can make small changes like adding new wall art or a placing a chunky throw blanket on your bread. Or you can go for a complete makeover by painting your walls, or changing your furniture.

Where possible, I’ve included links to the items in the photo in case you find something you’d like to add to your decor.

1. Guest Bedroom Makeover

bed with pink blanket

This makeover is part of a complete guest bedroom/home office makeover by Black and Blooms.

2. Moon Phase Wall Mirrors

bed with moon mirrors

These moon phase wall mirrors are perfect for the boho themed bedroom. Get the mirrors from White Whiskers DC.

3. Minimalist Bedroom

minimalist bedroom
See the complete makeover at Olivia Rink.

I love the minimalist look of this bedroom. This post actually shows you how to hide your electronics with a stylish DIY box cover. You can get the tutorial from The Blush Home.

4. Complete Bedroom Makeover

complete bedroom makeover with horse pictures

This bedroom was a part of a complete childhood bedroom makeover. I love everything about this bedroom. From the wall art, to the light fixture, everything looks stunning.

5. Lunar Moon Mirror

lunar moon mirror

How stunning is this lunar moon mirror? This moon mirror is the perfect piece to personalize your space. Get the mirror from The Fab Shop Studio.

6. Cozy Bedroom

cozy bedroom with cat on bed
Image credit: callitdesignco

This bedroom looks so warm and cozy. Imagine sitting in your cozy bedroom with a hot drink and your favorite book or TV show.

7. Home Library

small home library
Image credit: everlasting.charm

If you love reading books, this room shows you a great way to display all of your books in your bedroom or home library.

8. Simple Cozy Bedroom

cozy winter bedroom with candles lit
Image credit: tatiana_home_decor

This room is so simple and cozy. I love how warm the lights make the room look and feel.

9. Dream Catcher Wall Hangings

dream catch wall hangings

You don’t need a lot to give your room a style that’s unique to you. The dream catchers and woodsy themed art give this room a unique and personalized look.

10. Geometric Wall Art

geometric wall art

Wall art can make a big difference when it comes to refreshing your decor. This geometric wall art printable would be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Get the printable from White Pink Art.

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