15 Linework Tattoo Ideas for Women

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These linework tattoo ideas for women are cute, creative, and will help inspire your next tattoo.

If you’re new to linework-style tattoos and aren’t sure what they are, linework utilizes lines to create their imagery.

For example, when shading, fields of pigment are not used. Instead, the artists will use lines (they can be small, medium, or large) to produce the effect. Linework tattoos truly show us the power that a line can have.

1. Cat Linework Tattoo

This simple cat linework tattoo is the cutest. I highly recommended checking out the artist. They have a really creative and unique art style.

Credit: tattooist_mim

2. Floral Fan

This floral fan design is a part of a linework tattoo sleeve. Click the artist credit to see more of the sleeve design.

Credit: levelinkmangotsfield

3. Sakuras on Thigh

The upper thigh is a great location for a tattoo like this. This design would also work well on the shoulder area.

Credit: mattooer

4. Creative Floral Linework

I love how you can really see the linework in this flower tattoo. The artist paid great attention to detail with this one.

Credit: mesz.art

5. Lighthouse and Clouds

Whether it’s a painting, drawing, or tattoo, I’ve always loved lighthouse art. I think that adding color to this tattoo would work really well.

Credit: sarahdoestattoos

6. Linework Portrait

I’ve become a fan of the linework tattoos that feature portraits. I find them to be so unique and beautiful.

Credit: tattoosbyrachelgrace

7. Bee on Sternum

Tattoos covering the sternum area have become really popular. This linework tattoo features a giant bee with beautiful flowers.

Credit: dollheart.tattoos

8. Flower Outline

If you’re searching for simple linework tattoo ideas, a simple flower outline like this one would be great.

Credit: courtney.m16

9. Tribute Tattoo

Consider getting a tattoo as a tribute to a loved one. This particular tattoo is a tribute tattoo based on a photograph.

Credit: jerzi_ink

10. Large Rose

Roses are a popular floral tattoo design and are perfect for linework tattoos. If you don’t love roses, consider other flower options for your tattoo.

Credit: houstontattoo.bamboo

11. Large Flowers

I absolutely love this floral ornamental-style tattoo. The linework that was done here looks amazing.

Credit: astarheckenliable

12. Woodland Theme

This tattoo has a woodland theme. The addition of the mushrooms gives this design a unique look.

Credit: astarheckenliable

13. Flowers in Vase

I’ve always liked the thigh as a tattoo placement area. Tattoos located on the thigh stand out so nicely when wearing shorts or a swimsuit.

Credit: sweetneedlestattoo

14. Carnation with Butterflies

This design features a carnation with butterflies. The addition of the moon, sun, and stars gives this tattoo a unique look.

Credit: small_magicsart

15. Simple Leopard

I’m loving the simplicity of this custom leopard tattoo. You could also choose another animal such as a lion or tiger.

Credit: readysteadypoke

If you’re looking for some new tattoo ideas, these linework tattoos for women are a great place to start. They’re creative, cute, and sure to inspire your next ink masterpiece.

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