20 Hunter x Hunter Tattoo Ideas

If you are a loyal fan of the popular manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter, then we’ve got something special just for you.

Check out these fantastic tattoo designs inspired by some of your favorite characters from the show.

From The Phantom Troupe spider tattoos to Gon and Killua designs, we know you’ll be able to find something that inspires you. So get ready to upgrade your ink game as we explore these amazing tattoos.

Phantom Troupe Spider

The Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo
Credit: tomixttt

The Phantom Troupe is a notorious gang of criminals. They are one of the most feared groups in the world. If you’re a fan of this organization, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

Killua and Canary

Killua and Canary Tattoo
Credit: vadetinta

Although Killua has yet to find a special someone, his perfect partner could be the sweet and strong Canary.

Black Ink Hisoka

Black Ink Hisoka Tattoo
Credit: _hokutonokev

Hisoka is an unpredictable, enigmatic figure who lives solely for his own amusement and seeks powerful opponents to satisfy his thrill-seeking desires.

Gon and Killua

Gon and Killua Tattoo
Credit: al_tattooer

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish Gon and Killua tattoo design, consider using minimalistic lines and shading for the main characters.

Powerful Killua and Gon

Powerful Killua and Gon Tattoo
Credit: damian.art_

Gon and Killua’s friendship was true #friendgoals, but they certainly had their share of hiccups. From time to time, it seemed like the two were in a tug-of-war with each other, often acting selfishly rather than as loyal companions.

Spider with Chain

Spider with Chain Tattoo
Credit: banda_tattoo_

Here’s another spider tattoo that will inspire you. This one has the spider wrapped in chains with a Nen blade attached to the end of the chain.

Vibrant Hisoka

Vibrant Hisoka Tattoo
Credit: carlospovartattoo

This Hisoka tattoo uses bold, vibrant colors and includes additional design elements like playing cards. When dealing with this character, you can’t forget the Joker card.

Playful Gon and Killua

Playful Gon and Killua Tattoo
Credit: ink_grimaldi

Show off these friends’ playful side with a fun tattoo design. Killua and Gon struck up a friendship when they both took the same Hunter Exam. While everyone else was older, these two youngsters connected over their shared age.

Hisoka Half and Half

Hisoka Half and Half Tattoo
Credit: kawaiiplacetattoo

Get creative by doing a half-and-half tattoo. This particular design is half-colored and half black and white, with color only being used for the face paint.

Killua with Blue Eyes

Killua with Blue Eyes Tattoo
Credit: kromatique

Adding blue eyes to a black ink tattoo is a great way to make your tattoo stand out. If you’re looking for arm tattoo ideas, this design within a rectangle is perfect.

Killuas Godspeed

Killuas Godspeed Tattoo
Credit: diegocalderon_tattoo

Killua is well known for his impressive fighting abilities, and what really sets him apart from the rest is Godspeed. This power gives Killua superhuman speed, letting him pull off lightning-fast moves during intense fights.

Gon with Orange Eyes

Gon with Orange Eyes Tattoo
Credit: lindt.ink

Your black and white tattoo will stand out more if you use colored ink for the eyes. As you can see here, Gon has been given orange eyes.


Kurapika Tattoo
Credit: marc_toon

Kurapika appears in the story as the last survivor of the Kurta Clan, who were massacred by the Phantom Troupe. Seeking revenge for his people, Kurapika joins forces with Gon and Killua to defeat the Troupe and bring justice to his clan.

Killua Drinking a Beverage

Killua Drinking a Beverage Tattoo
Credit: nitzandor_tattoo

Your Hunter x Hunter tattoo doesn’t have to have a fighting theme. You can get a design of something as simple as Killua drinking a beverage.

Kurapika Heart

Kurapika Heart Tattoo
Credit: paddy.dundon.tattoo

With revenge in his heart, Kurapika put a Nen blade chain around it – one that could only be used against members of the notorious Phantom Troupe.

Happy and Angry Killua

Happy and Angry Killua Tattoo
Credit: robcuello.tattoo

Show both sides of Killua with a tattoo that features his happy and angry sides. The blue ink really makes this tattoo special.

Gon and Killua Peace Sign

Gon and Killua Peace Sign Tattoo
Credit: din.gul.ink

For an upbeat Gon and Killua tattoo design, consider adding a peace sign for an uplifting and positive message.

Hisoka Arm Tattoo

Hisoka Arm Tattoo
Credit: rosco.tattoo

If you want to go big, have your favorite character from the show tattooed on the entire upper half of your arm. If you like colored ink, you’ll appreciate this tattoo art.

Hunter x Hunter Tattoo

Hunter x Hunter Tattoo
Credit: si_ck.boyink

For a bold Hunter x Hunter tattoo design, consider showcasing the series’ iconic character, and don’t forget to include the show’s title.

Simple Killua

Simple Killua Tattoo
Credit: tatuajes.la4tapuerta

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter is a character who is known for his ruthlessness. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win. However, he also has a softer side and is protective of his friends and family.

From Hunter x Hunter tattoos of Gon, Killua, and the rest of the gang to more creative fan art representing some of the best moments in their captivating story arc, these tattoo designs will transport you back to your favorite moments from the show.

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