Why Hostinger is the Best Minecraft Server Hosting in 2023

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If you’re looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, look no further than Hostinger. Below I’m discussing why I recommend Hostinger for your Minecraft server needs in 2023.

What I love about Minecraft is that it doesn’t only appeal to the younger generation. Minecraft appeals to adults too. This game allows us to all come together no matter our age and have a good time.

Why You Should Own a Minecraft Server

Owning your own Minecraft server means creating a Minecraft world where you can play without limitations and invite your friends to play too.

Because it’s your server, you make the rules for the world, assign or deny roles to other players, control landscapes, and so much more.

As your world grows, you’ll find that you’ve built an established community that makes the game fun for yourself and everyone else in the community.

When creating your own Minecraft server, it’s important that your server be secure. That’s were a server host like Hostinger comes in.

Hostinger offers hosting services for websites; however, they also specialize in Minecraft server hosting.

About Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting

With Hostinger you can host and manage your own virtual server. With just a few clicks (it really is that easy), you’ll be able to manage your Minecraft server.

Additionally, all Minecraft hosting plans allow you to install or remove any mods or plugins.

Minecraft Server Manager

Minecraft Server Hosting Locations

Hostinger offers Minecraft hosting in the following locations: United States, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Singapore. That means your Minecraft server hosting will have the lowest possible latency.

Minecraft Server Hosting Plans

When you sign up, you can choose from five different server hosting plans. With so many options, you’re sure to find a plan that fits your hosting needs.

All hosting plans offer 2GB to 8 GB memory, mod support, full root access, DDoS protection (keeps your server protected), free MySQL, automatic off-site backups, and 99.99% uptime.

  • Alex Plan: $8.95 per month and includes 2 GB RAM and 2vCPU Hardware.
  • Villager Plan: $12.95 per month and includes 3 GB RAM and 3vCPU Hardware.
  • Creeper Plan: $15.95 per month and includes 4 GB RAM and 4vCPU Hardware.
  • Herobrine Plan: $23.95 per month and includes 6 GB RAM and 6vCPU Hardware.
  • Enderman Plan: $29.95 per month and includes 8 GB RAM and 8vCPU Hardware.

You have nothing to lose if you choose Hostinger for your Minecraft server. That’s because if within 30 days of your purchase, you decide you aren’t happy with your hosting plan, they’ll refund your money.

Where to Find Minecraft Mods and Plugins

If you’re looking for Minecraft mods, check out the site Minecraft Mods for over 600 popular mods.

For Minecraft plugins, I recommend the site Curse Forge for Bukkit plugins and Spigot for tons of plugin options. Spigot also has a helpful forum, Discord group, and more.

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