20 Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement Ideas for Autumn

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If you’re looking for Thanksgiving floral arrangement ideas, I’ve got you covered. The cool thing about floral arrangements is that you don’t have to be an expert to do it yourself. You can use your creativity to create a beautiful fall and Thanksgiving-themed masterpiece. Of course, because it’s the fall season, you’ll want to focus … Read more

7 Cute Avocado Pillows You’ll Love

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What could be better than a tasty slice of avocado toast or a great guacamole recipe? How about some cute avocado pillows, avocado pillow covers, and avocado plush crochet patterns? I think it’s safe to say that the avocado has been getting a lot of love. They’re nutrient-rich, healthy for your heart, and great for … Read more

13 Polaroid Collage Ideas for Your Bedroom

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The instant camera, also known as, the Polaroid camera, was invented by Edwin Land and released commercially in 1948. Being the first of its kind, the Polaroid camera increased in popularity throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. However, as the use of digital photography began to rise, the once-popular camera started to decline, and in … Read more

13 Cactus and Succulent Throw Pillows

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Within the past several years or so, I’ve noticed a trend in people wanting to own cacti and succulents. Both plants add a really nice to touch your home. However, I’ve also come across some really beautiful art featuring the cacti and succulent plants. In particular, I’ve found that cactus and succulent throw pillows make … Read more

16 Brilliant Kitchen Organization Ideas and Hacks

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The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my home. I love to cook, and for me, the kitchen is where memories are made. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen as I do, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of having a clean and organized kitchen. I’ll be sharing … Read more