20 Friendship Tattoo Design Ideas

Show your friendship and appreciation for someone special in your life with a heartfelt tattoo. Discover eighteen inspiring friendship tattoo design ideas that will capture the essence of your bond.

From meaningful symbols to uplifting quotes, find the perfect way to immortalize your strong friendship. These creative designs will serve as a visual reminder of your love for each other.

1. Matching Sketched Hearts

Matching Sketched Hearts
Credit: diana.todic

Show your special bond with a classic heart sketch tattoo. I like how this tattoo has a hand-drawn appearance. The shoulder is the perfect location for this design.

2. Elmo and Cookie Monster Tattoo

Elmo and Cookie Monster Tattoo
Credit: handitrip

These beloved characters from our childhood have become iconic symbols of nostalgia. Show your love for Sesame Street with an Elmo and Cookie Monster tattoo.

3. Blue and Purple Gradient Moons

Blue and Purple Gradient Moons Tattoo
Credit: vismstudio

Opt for a colorful gradient moon design if you’re looking for a stunning tattoo idea. This design is a great way to symbolize your friendship and shared love for the moon’s beauty.

4. Always with You Tattoo

Always with You Tattoo
Credit: eastvanweartattooco

These tattoos feature two different quotes. One quote says, “Always with you.” And the other quote says, “No matter what.” If you enjoy quote designs, something like this is perfect.

5. Delicate Floral Tattoo

Delicate Floral Tattoo
Credit: mini_tattooer

A delicate floral tattoo is an elegant design that can be personalized to hold significant meaning. A delicate floral tattoo is a sleek design that can be personalized to have significant meaning.

6. Flower Doodle Tattoo

Flower Doodles Tattoo
Credit: sinewpark_tt

Flower doodle tattoos are one of the most versatile and aesthetic designs, bringing a fresh and vibrant look to your skin. I love the artful appearance of these sorts of tattoos.

7. Tulip Bouquet Tattoos

Tulip Bouquet Tattoos
Credit: nandostudios

Capture love and beauty with tulip bouquet tattoos, the perfect matching friendship tattoo. The elegance of tulips combined with their vibrant bouquet colors create a visually striking design.

8. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Tattoo
Credit: tattooist_basil

One type of tattoo that has made an impression in recent years is the geometric tattoo. These intricate designs are comprised of a series of lines and shapes that come together to form a cohesive, often abstract, image.

9. Disney Castle Tattoo

Disney Castle Tattoo
Credit: hktattoo_cara

If you look closer at this tattoo, you can see that the two friends are holding hands in front of the Disney castle. Bring one of your photos to live with your matching tattoo.

10. Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies Tattoo
Credit: kico.tattoo

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, beauty, and freedom. For those who choose to get a butterfly tattoo, it can be a powerful way to express themselves and commemorate a change or growth.

11. Paper Clip Heart Tattoo

Paper Clip Heart Tattoo
Credit: serenamirolo.tattoo

The paper clip tattoo is a symbol of eternal connections and cherished memories. Inspired by the paper clip function of securing papers, this tattoo is a statement of unbreakable bonds and the art of staying together no matter what.

12. Matching Sunflower Tattoos

Matching Sunflower Tattoos
Credit: eat_my_pen

Sunflower tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to incorporate positivity into their tattoo. Matching sunflower tattoos is a touching way to show a deep connection between friends.

13. Matching Evergreen Trees

Matching Evergreen Trees Tattoo
Credit: dovmecikadin

There’s something special about how evergreen trees stand tall, no matter the season. Their resilient nature represents strength and perseverance, making them the perfect subject for a tattoo.

14. No Matter Where Tattoo

No Matter Where Tattoo
Credit: c.otattoo

Here’s a different version of the “no matter what, no matter where” tattoo. You can see how using a different font can give your tattoo its own unique look.

15. Matching Smiley Face Tattoos

Matching Smiley Face Tattoos
Credit: mbuzzart

In cartoons, a face with “x” eyes usually signifies shock, hope, fear, or embarrassment. Look at different emoji faces on your phone for ideas for your matching tattoo.

16. Avocado Tattoos

Avocado Tattoos
Credit: the.tinyvegan

If you and your friend are committed to your love of avocados, you might consider getting matching avocado tattoos. The wrist is an excellent location for a small tattoo such as this.

17. Small Matching Hearts

Small Matching Hearts
Credit: tattooist_color.b

Show your love with an adorable matching hearts tattoo. This cute design holds a special meaning. Representing the deep and unbreakable bond between two people in love, these two hearts are a symbol of genuine connection.

18. Get Silly Doodle Tattoo

Get Silly Doodle Tattoo
Credit: yeguclub

These matching tattoos exude true joy and happiness. They feature colorful doodles of flowers, smiley faces, hearts, and more. And the fact that the design says “get silly” makes it so personal and fun.

19. Matching Strawberries Tattoo

Matching Strawberries Tattoo
Credit: ovenlee.tattoo

This adorable design is sweet to look at and represents the strong bond you share with your loved one. Every time you catch a glimpse of your twin strawberries, you’ll be reminded of the fun memories you’ve shared.

20. Crane Tattoos

matching crane tattoos
Credit: elphie.quinn

Cranes are known for their long life spans and strong family ties, making them the perfect symbol for mother-daughter relationships. Talk to your tattoo artist about incorporating a crane into your design.

Whether you and your BFF are contemplating matching tattoos, searching for the perfect heartfelt phrase, or choosing unique designs, friendship tattoos are undeniably cool. The bond with a lifelong friend is extraordinary; commemorating it with a shared tattoo is a truly lasting statement.

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