19 Evil Eye Nail Designs to Make Your Nails Look Intriguing

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Every person has their own style, and that is especially the case when it comes to nails. If you’re looking for a way to make your look more unique, here are 19 evil eye nail designs that will have your friends asking where you got those cool nails. If you’ve been wondering what the evil eye symbol represents, keep reading.

The symbol of the evil eye is believed to be a watchful gaze that keeps us safe from harm. They’re given to protect our loved ones as well as ourselves from jealousy, mistreatment, and more.

The evil eye has been around for thousands of years, and it originally comes from Mesopotamia and India. This belief then spread into other cultures all over the world.

If you want evil eye protection or if you’re looking for a pretty cool set of nails, you’re going to enjoy these designs.

crying evil eye nails

Credit: jassnaileditt

blue nails with french tip

Credit: laidnailsxlay

evil eye on nail tip

Credit: lindseysbeautylounge1

Different Colors Have Different Meanings

Your evil eye nail design does not have to be blue. Different eye colors have different meanings. Here are the meanings of each color:

  • Orange – Protection
  • Black – Power
  • Red – Courage
  • Light Green – Success
  • Amethyst – Intelligence
  • Rose Pink – Love
  • Turquoise – Health
  • White – Wealth
  • Green – Happiness
pink evil eye nails

Credit: itsanailcessity

white swirl nails

Credit: nailsby_.nevaeh

retro evil eye nails

Credit: nailstolle

You Can Keep it Simple

As you can see from the picture below, your nail design can be simple and doesn’t have to be completely blue. This simple white nail design transforms into an evil eye design that will keep you protected.

white evil eye nails

Credit: pzettii

blue swirl nails

Credit: stylebyreags

brown evil eye nails

Credit: unique_nails31

Wearing Rings on Your Fingers

To dress up your look, considering wearing rings on your fingers. Rings are a great way to make your nail design stand out.

As a side note, when getting your nails done, you may want to leave your rings at home. This is because you’ll want to protect your rings from the chemicals that are used at many salons.

Some nail salons provide a ring box or holder to store your rings, but I prefer to keep mine at home.

evil eye nails with blue ring

Credit: _nailsbycrys

cream evil eye nails

Artist Credit: allyssapower

Colorful Evil Eyes

As I mentioned earlier, each eye color has a different meaning. I love this nail design because it features multiple colors such as blue, yellow, and red. You could also get just one color for your eyes.

colorful evil eye nails

Credit: anitagetmynailsdone

beautiful protection nails

Credit: balujanails

simple protection nails

Credit: basecoat.co

blue french tip nails

Credit: bellabeautybyirene

triangle tip nails

Credit: dabanailsandspa

Gold and Blue Eye

This gold and blue design is absolutely stunning. The gold makes these nails stand out and look unlike any evil eye nail design I’ve seen. If you love these nails, save this picture so that you can show it to your nail technician.

blue and gold evil eye nails

Credit: basecoatstories

glitter speck nails

Credit: daintilypolished

evil eye nails with rings

Credit: guinwaz

Whether you’re into spirituality, fashion, or just looking for something a little different to do with your nails this week, we hope these designs inspired you.

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