23 Cute Spring and Summer Nails for 2022

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These summer nails are so cute and creative. They’re perfect for your spring and summer of 2022.

If you’re looking for creative spring and summer nail design ideas, I’ve got you covered with these 26 nail design ideas.

While getting your nails done by a professional is a great experience, did you know that you can also DIY your nails?

Press On Nails: I love searching Etsy for DIY press on nail designs. These colorful nails were created by Iridescent Nails Vibe. You can find more nail designs on Etsy by clicking here.

press on nails

Along with sharing fun nails ideas, I’m also including some of my best tips you should know before getting acrylic nails.

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1. Matte Speckled Nails

These speckled nails are perfect for spring. The colors are soft and delicate, and the matte finish makes them look even more beautiful.

cracked chocolat nails
Credit: sophies_nails20

2. Pink and Green Metallics

If you love long square acrylic nails, then you’ll love this design. The metallic finish is perfect for summer, and the length makes them look even more glamorous.

pink neon nails
Credit: elize_nails

3. Neon Orange

Let your nails stand out with this neon orange shade. It’s perfect for summer and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

neon orange nails
Credit: indiesbeautyroom

Strengthen Your Nails

If you have brittle or weak nails, I strongly suggest that you strengthen your nails before getting acrylics. This is because acrylic nails can leave your natural nails weak and susceptible to breaking. Jojoba oil is great for improving the health and strength of your nails.

4. Pastel Swirls

If you love soft pastel shades, then you’ll love this design. The swirls are delicate and feminine, and the pastel colors are just perfect.

pastel nails
Credit: amberjhnails

5. Soft Orange

Orange nails are perfect for summer, and this design is both sophisticated and fun. The pastel orange shade is delicate and feminine, and the French tips give it a classic twist.

neon top nails
Credit: slaybyalexandra

5. Modern Square Nails

If you want a modern look, then try this square nail design. The clean lines are sleek and sophisticated, and the colors stand out in a really fun way.

neon outline nails
Credit: amberelisebeauty

Make Sure the Tools are Clean

You can get an infection or nail fungus when getting your nails done. For that reason, it’s important that you make sure that the tools used are sterilized.

Additionally, I recommend not allowing them to cut your cuticle. This will decrease your chances of getting an infection. Furthermore, both the Mayo Clinic and the American Academy of Dermatology advise against cutting cuticles.

6. A Touch of Glitter

Add a touch of glitter to your nails with this design. The sparkle on the pinky nail makes these nails perfect for any party or special occasion.

pink ombre long nails
Credit: nailsamazing9

7. Daisy Flowers

Lovers of floral designs will adore this pretty daisy design. The yellow and white flowers are perfect for summer, and the cute little faces add the perfect touch.

daisy flower nails
Credit: sutherlandshairandbeauty

8. Sweet Watermelon

These watermelon nails are so sweet and juicy. The colors remind me of a warm summer day, and the length is perfect for everyday wear.

watermelon spring nails
Credit: jen.the.nail.lady

Choosing Your Shape and Length

This is one of the funnest parts of getting your nails done. If you’re new to nail shapes, the oval shape is a classic nail shape. I would also opt for shorter nails so that you can get used to what it feels like to have longer nails.

9. Summer Color Palette

Here’s a set of nails using the ultimate summer shades. The different colors make these nails perfect for the beach or other summer activities.

neon glossy nails
Credit: nailsbeauty077

10. Bright Yellow and Glitter

This design is perfect for summertime. The bright yellow color is eye-catching, and the glitter adds a touch of fun. This look would be perfect for any nail shape or length.

acrylic yellow nails
Credit: lollos_naglar

10. Clouds and Stars

These pink and blue nails are inspired by the night sky. The clouds and stars make them perfect for anyone who wants to show off a set of beautiful nails.

purple and blue cloud nails
Credit: amazing_naiilsfeed4

Caring for Your Nails

To protect your fancy new nails, make sure you wear gloves whenever you have to clean with chemicals. This is one of the best things you can do to preserve your acrylic nails.

11. Dotted Nails

No one can resist a pretty dotted nail design. These nails are perfect for spring, summer, and even the Easter holiday. Plus, they’re easy enough that you can do them yourself if you have the right tools.

pastel specks nails
Credit: nailsbyadeled

11. Simple and Modern

These nails are simple, but the fun shapes make them modern too. They’re perfect for any occasion, but I would especially love wearing them during the warmer months.

corner color nails
Credit: eekabeauty

12. Seafoam Green with Rhinestones

If you want to rock your natural nails, try a design like this seafoam green with rhinestones look. This design would look great with any color, so have fun deciding on your main color.

seafoam gel nails
Credit: bav.sienna.nails

Don’t Forget Cuticle Oil

After your nails have been applied, you may notice your nail tech rubbing some sort of oil on your cuticles. This oil is called cuticle oil. If you have dry cuticles, cuticle oil will keep them soft. I recommend applying cuticle oil after washing your hands or taking a shower.

13. Yellow Almond Nails

These nails are simple, but the yellow color and almond shape make them unique and modern. As the season changes, they would look great with different color choices.

long yellow nails
Credit: thosefancynails

14. Pastel Sunshine

Make your nails shine with this fun pastel sunshine design. Change up the colors to make your nails fit your unique style.

sunshine pastel nails
Credit: sammimay.beauty

15. Springtime Flowers

I’m loving this springtime flowers design. It’s perfect for any season, but especially for this time of year. If you’re ready to go bold, this is the perfect look for you.

nails with flowers
Credit: elize_nails

16. Black Swirls

You probably don’t think of the color black when you think of summer, but these nails are the ultimate design for any time of year. I absolutely love them, and I know you will too.

black swirls
Credit: best_nailsclips

17. Soft Corals

If you’re looking for a more subdued look, these soft coral colors are perfect. Not only that, but a look like this is great for any age and any occasion.

simple coral nails
Credit: nailsmagazzine

18. Colorful Dots

Have colorful dots placed on the upper part of your nails. Use these nails for inspiration. You can use your favorite colors for the dotted pattern.

confetti on tip nails
Credit: sophies_nails20

19. Palm Tree Nails

These palm tree nails are unique because they use black and white nail polish, instead of the traditional green and brown. Place palm trees on one or all of your nails.

black and white palm trees
Credit: cb.beautyxx

20. Pink and Orange Matte

If you want a look that’s simple and beautiful, these pink and orange matte nails are awesome. The colors used for these nails are just perfect for the summer.

pastel matte nails
Credit: _nailsloovee

21. Raised Flowers

I love how the flower design on these nails has a raised appearance. Not only that, but the colors are great, and leave room for adding your own interpretation to the look.

pastel flower nails
Credit: bethdeanxo

22. Neon Pink French Tips

This is a really fun design if you’re looking for something different. These nails prove that you can have an awesome nail design, no matter the length of your nails.

pink neon tips
Credit: thenailroommanchester

23. More Watermelon Nails

If you want nails that scream summer and are perfect for any occasion, you’ll love these medium-length watermelon nails.

watermelon summer nails
Credit: beautyby.hq

I hope these summer and spring nails have given you inspiration for your next nail designs. Simply show the picture of the nails you like to your manicurist or nail technician.