26 Cute Spring and Summer Nails for 2021

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These summer nails are so cute and creative. They’re perfect for your spring and summer of 2021.

If you’re looking for creative spring and summer nail design ideas, I’ve got you covered with these 26 nail design ideas.

While getting your nails done by a professional is a great experience, did you know that you can also DIY your nails?

I love searching Etsy for DIY press on nail designs. These pastel colored nails were created by JustDTips. You can find more nail designs on Etsy by clicking here.

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press on diy nails
cracked chocolat nails

Credit: sophies_nails20

pink neon nails

Credit: elize_nails

neon orange nails

Credit: indiesbeautyroom

pastel nails

Credit: amberjhnails

neon top nails

Credit: slaybyalexandra

neon outline nails

Credit: amberelisebeauty

pink ombre long nails

Credit: nailsamazing9

daisy flower nails

Credit: sutherlandshairandbeauty

watermelon spring nails

Credit: jen.the.nail.lady

neon glossy nails

Credit: nailsbeauty077

acrylic yellow nails

Credit: lollos_naglar

purple and blue cloud nails

Credit: amazing_naiilsfeed4

pastel specks nails

Credit: nailsbyadeled

corner color nails

Credit: eekabeauty

seafoam gel nails

Credit: bav.sienna.nails

long yellow nails

Credit: thosefancynails

sunshine pastel nails

Credit: sammimay.beauty

nails with flowers

Credit: elize_nails

black swirls

Credit: best_nailsclips

simple coral nails

Credit: nailsmagazzine

confetti on tip nails

Credit: sophies_nails20

nails with colorful tips

Credit: nailglamaddict

black and white palm trees

Credit: cb.beautyxx

pastel matte nails

Credit: _nailsloovee

pastel flower nails

Credit: bethdeanxo

pink neon tips

Credit: thenailroommanchester

watermelon summer nails

Credit: beautyby.hq

I hope these summer and spring nails have given you inspiration for your next nail designs. Simply show the picture of the nails you like to your manicurist or nail technician.