18 Cute and Colorful Tattoo Ideas for Women

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If you’re looking for colorful tattoo ideas, below you’ll find a beautiful collection of colored tattoos by talented tattoo artists.

If this is your first time getting colored ink, there are a few things you should know. I’ll be including a few of my colored ink tips throughout this post.

Additionally, where possible, I’ve provided a link to the tattoo artist’s Instagram account. However, I wasn’t able to find the proper artist credit for some of these tattoos. If you see a tattoo that you like, be sure to support the artist by following them on social media and liking their work.

Temporary Tattoos: If you’re not quite ready to get a permanent tattoo, you can always try temporary tattoos instead. Etsy has a great selection of colorful temporary tattoos that you can check out.

blue yellow and green flowers

Artist Credit: winstonthewhale

colorful finger tattoos

Temporary Tattoo: Lux Boutique US

happy face tattoo

Temorary Tattoo: Designs Tattoo Studio

disney castle tattoo

Artist Credit: slonenkotattoo

Your Skin Tone Matters

You may have gone into getting your tattoo expecting a vibrant pink, but the color comes out looking red. Situations like this are common and happen because of how the pigment interacts with your skin tone.

When getting a colored tattoo, you’ll want to match the ink color with your skin’s undertones. Consult your tattoo artist for advice on the best colors for your skin.

parrot and flower tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

alligator tattoo

Artist Credit: winstonthewhale

flower doodles tattoo

Artist Credit: goodmorningtown

flower doodles colorful tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

Colored Ink Costs More

When it comes to getting a colored tattoo, colored inks (inks that are not black) are more expensive. Not only that, but because color inks are used to fill in spaces, you end up using more ink and spending more time on the tattoo.

watercolor tattoo universe

Artist Credit: andrea.morales

colorful flowers with eye

Artist Credit: winstonthewhale

cassette tape tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

venus fly trap tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

How Long The Color Lasts

Unfortunately, with all tattoos, the color can fade over time. There are factors that can speed up the fading of your tattoos such as sun exposure and the location of your tattoo.

To keep your colorful tattoo vibrant, reduce your exposure to the sun, or cover your tattoo with sunscreen, keep your skin healthy, and try to prevent injury (burns, cuts, etc.).

digital flower tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

raspberries tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

deer tattoo

Artist Credit: debrartattoos

Colored Tattoos Take Time

Because the colored ink is filling in your design, it’s going to take more time to complete your tattoo. That means it could take more than one session before the work is done. Be sure you’re willing to put in the time it takes to finish your tattoo.

face tattoo

Artist Credit: elena.noire

flowers ankle tattoo

Artist Credit: unknown

honeycomb tattoo

Artist Credit: cricketelijahtattoos

These colorful tattoos are fun, creative, and so inspirational. I hope you’ve not only found some great tattoo inspiration, but also learned some helpful advice for getting your first colored tattoo.

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