30 Must-Have Road Trip Essentials You Should Pack

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I love going on road trips. There’s something about them that feels so exciting, adventurous, and freeing. With summer being just around the corner, this is the perfect time to plan your first or next road trip. Before going on your road trip, it’s essential that specific car safety concerns are met. This includes having … Read more

11+ DIY Dollar Store Crafts That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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One of my favorite places to find items for my DIY projects is the dollar store. Shopping at the dollar store is a great way to save money. I’m always amazed at all the awesome stuff you can find at the dollar store (you’ll see what I mean when you view the tutorials below). Here … Read more

100 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids for Free or Cheap

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If you’re looking for ways you can spend more quality time with your kids, this list is for you. Below I’ve compiled 100 ways you can have fun with your kids for free or without spending a lot of money. Have a reading marathon. Play parachute in the backyard. Write stories together. Play soccer. Paint … Read more

18 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids Outside

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Do your kids spend a lot of time in front of the TV or video game system? Are they on the internet a lot? If they are like most kids (in America at least), most of their free time is taken up by the TV or other electronic entertainment. In fact, after school, television is … Read more

80 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Tree

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We all know that the Dollar Tree is a great place to find cheap items. However, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s good. There are items that you probably shouldn’t buy from the Dollar Tree such as batteries, medication, small children’s toys, and more. That being said, the dollar store is still filled with bargain items … Read more