14 Cool Crochet Coaster Patterns

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I’m sharing a collection of cool crochet coaster patterns that you will love. These crochet coaster patterns are unique, cute, and fun to make.

I currently have handmade crochet coasters in nearly every room of my home. I’m one of those people that never sits a cup down without a coaster underneath.

If you’re a coaster lover like me, I know you’ll love the coaster patterns I’m sharing below.

Gather Your Crochet Supplies

  1. The Best Crochet Hook: These BeCraftee crochet hooks are ergonomic and so comfortable to use.
  2. The Best Stitch Markers: I use these colorful stitch markers to mark my stitches. They are so helpful!
  3. The Best Row Counter: This is my favorite tally counter. I never lose track of the row I’m on when using this.

1. Whimsical Mushroom Coasters

Whimsical Mushroom Coasters

This pattern includes instructions for making a crochet coaster as well as a crochet hot pad. The items are first crocheted and then felted to achieve the look you see in the picture. Get the pattern from Casandra Quintero.

2. Holiday Coasters

Holiday Coasters

I love these coasters because you’ll receive a crochet coaster pattern for every major holiday. You’ll receive a pattern that shows you how to create a coaster for each of the following holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Get the pattern from Maggies Crochet.

3. Camper Coaster

Camper Coaster

This camper coaster would make a great gift for a anyone who has a love for campers. Get the pattern from Vendulka M.

4. Granny Heart Coaster

Granny Heart Coaster

If you’re a fan of the granny square pattern, I think you’ll love these granny heart coasters. Have fun making multiple coasters using your favorite colors. Get the pattern from Island Style Crochet.

5. Patchwork Teacup

Patchwork Teacup coaster

If you like the patchwork look, you’ll love these cool patchwork teacup coasters. Get the pattern from Kenjiku Made.

6. Cat Butt Coaster

Cat Butt Coaster

Have a little fun by make these cat butt coasters. These coasters would make great gifts for the cat lover in your life. Get the pattern from Shop Ravencraft.

7. Spring Daisy Coaster

Spring Daisy Coaster

Brighten up your room with these spring daisy coasters. Make a set of coasters to coordinate with every season. Get the pattern from Frederika Creates.

8. Pokébutt Coasters

Pokébutt Coasters

I just love these creative Pokébutt coasters. Your friends and family will love these fun and colorful coasters. Get the pattern from Level Up Nerd Apparel.

9. Crochet Trivet and Coaster

Crochet Trivet and Coaster

This pattern will show you how to create both a crochet trivet and coaster. This pattern uses a chunky t-shirt yarn. Get the pattern from Simply Made By Erin.

10. Beginner Boho Coasters

Beginner Boho Coasters

These boho coasters are not only gorgeous but are perfect for beginners. Get the pattern from For the Thrills Store.

11. Cat Coaster

Cat Coaster

Here’s a cute cat coaster pattern that includes the addition of a bow for the ears. Get the pattern from Mrs Olga Knits.

12. Linen Stitch Mug Rug

Linen Stitch Mug Rug

I love mug rugs. In fact, I currently have two sitting on my desk. If you love mug rugs, I highly recommend making this linen stitch mug rug. Get the pattern from Madame Stitch Studio.

13. The Caroline Mug Rug

The Caroline Mug Rug

Here’s another great mug rug pattern that includes fringe to give your mug rug a trendy look. Get the pattern from Love and Stitch Designs.

14. Minimalist Cat Coaster

Minimalist Cat Coaster

These minimalist cat coasters are so cute and easy to make. These coasters make great gifts. Get the pattern from My Alpaca Studio.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, I hope you find a new crochet coaster pattern. These patterns are unique and fun, and the perfect addition to your home decor.

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