13 Cactus and Succulent Throw Pillows

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Within the past several years or so, I’ve noticed a trend in people wanting to own cacti and succulents.

Both plants add a really nice to touch your home. However, I’ve also come across some really beautiful art featuring the cacti and succulent plants.

In particular, I’ve found that cactus and succulent throw pillows make a beautiful addition to any home.

Being from California, I’ve kind of always had a love for cacti. Aside from them being beautiful plants, I find them to be easy to care for.

Cacti need bright light to reach their full growth potential, and I lived in a area that was sunny throughout the year.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a lovely collection of cactus and succulent decorative pillows.

13 Cactus and Succulent Throw Pillows

I hope you find your perfect succulent or cactus decorative pillow below.

Succulent Splendour Throw Pillow by Gale Switzer

I love this succulent throw pillow for its simplicity and beauty. If you like a minimalist aesthetic, this would be the perfect decorative pillow for your home decor.

succulent pillow

Stay Wild Throw Pillow by PHIRST

I love how this throw pillow incorporates a fun quote while replacing the “t” with a cactus. How creative!

stay wild cactus pillow

Cactus Buddy Pillow by Wild Rabbits Burrow

This cactus throw pillow would make a great addition to any nursery or children’s bedroom.

cactus buddy pillow

Pink Succulents Throw Pillow by Nature Magick

The addition of pink in this succulent throw pillow really helps this pillow stand out.

pink succulents throw pillow

Ivory Cactus Pillow with Pastel Spikes by Boho Baby Heaven

These cactus pillows with pastel spikes are another great addition to any nursery or children’s bedroom.

Ivory Cactus Pillow with Pastel Spikes

Watercolor Cactus Pillow by ME Sublime Design

The vibrant watercolors make this cactus throw pillow truly beautiful.

Red Flower Cactus Pillow by Handmade Toy Store (no longer available)

This red cactus pillow will make a great addition to any home. It works well for a children’s bedroom, or would also look great in your living room.

Red Flower Cactus Pillow

My Prickly Friend Throw Pillow by Sisi and Seb

Careful not to prick yourself on this Prickly Friend Throw Pillow. The art used for this decorative pillow is absolutely stunning.

My prickly friend Throw Pillow

Cactus Pillow Cover by Happy Ideology

If you like this cactus design, please be aware that this listing is for a pillow cover and not a pillow itself.

Cactus Pillow Cover

Watercolor Cactus with Stripes Throw Pillow by InovArtS

I love the use of watercolor and the addition of stripes in this decorative pillow.

Cactus watercolor and stripes throw pillow

Crochet Cactus Throw Pillow by My Hookupz

This is a beautiful handmade crochet cactus pillow. The addition of the pink flower really makes this crochet pillow stand out.

crochet cactus pillow

Three Cacti Throw Pillow by LaVie Claire

Here’s a simple and attractive throw pillow that features three cactus plants.

Three Cacti throw pillow

Round Cactus Pillow by Fleece on Nature

I just love this round cactus pillow. This pillow will definitely make a great addition to any room.

Round cactus pillow

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of cactus and succulent throw pillows.