22 Bullet Journal Borders and Dividers

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If you’re looking for border and divider ideas for your bullet journal, I’m sharing 22 bullet journal borders and dividers to inspire you.

Gather Your Bullet Journal Supplies

Leuchtturm1917: This is my all-time favorite notebook to use for journaling. There’s no better journal in my opinion.

iBayam Colored Pens: I love these pens. They’re affordable, you get just the right amount of colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to colored pens for my bullet journal.

Journal Stencils: When I first began journaling, I wondered how people made such perfect shapes in their journals. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered these journal stencils.

flower dividers

Credit: @emicupplans

flower and leaf dividers

Credit: @emicupplans

halloween dividers

Credit: @ginger.bullet.journal

flower dividers and airplane divider

Credit: @gs.study

floral frames

Credit: @handletteringinspiration

cute little dividers

Credit: @handletteringinspiration

headers and banners

Credit: @lifearrangements

favorite dividers

Credit: @pao_n16

love dividers and borders

Credit: @planthatblossom

doodle dividers

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

colorful dividers

Credit: @quietcollections

blue black yellow and green dividers

Credit: @quietcollections

lines and dividers

Credit: @wellnessplanned

six divider ideas

Credit: @aaron_jom

flag dividers and more

Credit: @art_alia

bullet journal divider options

Credit: @artbydanicat

bullet journal divider ideas

Credit: @bujoabby

creative divider ideas like moon and stars

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

divider ideas like hearts and ocean waves

Credit: @bujobycacs

green and pink dividers

Credit: @bysilviacacos

outer space dividers

Credit: @emicupplans

music note dividers and more

Credit: @themonsterofstationery