16 Absolutely Gorgeous Black and Gold Nail Designs

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These black and gold nail designs are absolutely stunning. If you want a nail design that is creative and stands out from the crowd, you’ll find some great inspiration below.

Because black and gold go so well together, you’re going to be impressed with these designs. While some designs are simple, others are more detailed for those who want to take their look to the next level. It’s amazing how creative artists can get when it comes to nail designs.

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1. Dots on Cuffs

dotted nail design
Credit: jazzynailsx

Consider making your nails stand out by adding black and gold dots to your nail cuffs.

2. Gold Flakes and Stripes

gorgeous black and gold nails
Credit: anneutrals

These gorgeous shiny black nails include the addition of gold flakes and stripes. These nails really stand out from the crowd and I’m sure you’ll receive so many compliments with a design like this. Additionally, I like how this look works well on all nail lengths.

3. Half and Half

matte and glossy black nails
Credit: blush_beauty_cambridge

I like how the middle finger has a simple half and half look. Half the nail is clear, while the other half has the cool black and gold design.

4. Glossy with Gold Foil

glossy black nails
Credit: carolina_dimitras

There’s so much that you can do with black and gold. What makes these nails really stand out is the glossy nail polish.

5. Hedwig from Harry Potter

harry potter black nails
Credit: colourftw

Fans of Harry Potter will love these black and gold nails that feature Hedwig the owl from the Harry Potter books and movies. In case you didn’t know, Hedwig was an eleventh birthday gift from Hagrid to Harry. 

6. Black Nails with Gold Flakes

black almond nails with gold flakes
Credit: diamondestetica_settimo

Adding gold flakes to your nails is a great way to make them pop. These simple almond shaped nails use a matte black nail polish and gold flakes that can be found on Amazon if you would like to do your own nails at home.

7. Lots of Gold

gold glitter nails
Credit: nathcohen

I love how some of the nails include tons of gold glitter. This design is perfect for an event or a night out on the town.

8. Chanel Rhinestones

nail designs for senior women
Credit: highheelholly

Here’s a classy and elegant look. These nails feature fun embellishments like a bow, confetti and Chanel emblem.

9. Gold and Black Nails with Bow

nails with bow

Consider adding embellishments to your nails, like these below that include a fun bow on the index finger. Other embellishment ideas include stars, moons, rhinestones, and so much more.

10. Shimmer Tips

shimmer nail design
Credit: charsgelnails_

These nail tips have a beautiful shimmer to them. Make your shimmer just one color, or include both black and gold.

11. Leaf Designs

leaf nail design
Credit: patamaluje

I’ve always enjoyed the look of incorporating flowers and leaves into nail designs. I find this look to be so elegant and eye-catching.

12. Matte Black with Gold Waves

matte black nails with gold stripe
Credit: paznokciowelove_renatawieteska

This matte black look with gold waves looks complicated, but is actually a look that you could do yourself at home.

13. Shiny Black Nails with Gold Streak

matte black nails
Credit: so.extra.nails

I love the subtleness of the gold streak placed on these nails. You can do this design with your natural nails or acrylic nails. This is also a great DIY nail design.

14. Stiletto Nails

black and gold stiletto nails
Credit: studio_by_magdalena

If you love stiletto nails, you’re going to love these nails with a black and gold color palette. The nails shown below also include a nude color on the acrylic nails. If you prefer shorter nails, this design would still look great on shorter stiletto nails or almond-shaped nails.

15. Elegant Medium Length

black and gold tips
Credit: suzannenicollenails

If you don’t want to wear long acrylic nails, I find this look to be just perfect. Add rings to give your hands the ultimate feminine look.

16. Black and Gold Chevron Nails

chevron black nails
Credit: tesla__designs

These simple black nails feature two nails that have a beautiful black and gold chevron pattern. You could even get each nail done using this fun pattern.

I hope you’ve been inspired by the black and gold acrylic nails designs featured above. It’s so fun getting creative with your nails.