15 Beach Nail Designs for Your Next Vacation

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These beach nail designs are perfect for your next vacation or staycation. These designs are unique, trendy, and so fun to wear.

You’ll love showing off your nails when you hit the beach or sit by the pool for a weekend getaway.

I’ve rounded up a collection of both detailed and simple designs, so you’re sure to find a design that fits your style.

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diy beach nails

These beach nails are absolutely amazing. If you’re interested in DIY dip manicures, make sure you check out Dip Nails by T.

sunset nails

These simple nails remind me of a summer sunset on the beach. If you want your nails to match a sunrise, I would use colors like blue and orange.

Credit: gemsgels_andbrows

mermaid nails

This is actually my first time seeing mermaid nails, and I’m in love with them. The great thing about this design is that it would look great with your natural nails. If you want to DIY your nails, I recommend these mermaid nail wraps.

Credit: getnailedwithshay

blue and purple nails

You may have noticed that most beach-themed nails are blue. For that reason, I thought it would be nice to add a little purple to the mix.

Credit: gottnails

white seashell nails

I think these white seashell nails would be perfect for a summer wedding or other summer event.

Credit: hheather_nails

cream and tan beach nails

If you love more muted colors, but still want to have fun with your nails, these tan and cream-colored nails are the way to go.

Credit: micanails2145514

beach nails with gems

These nails use plenty of gems and have lots of texture. If you want to go all out with your beach nails, this design is perfect for you.

Credit: nails.and.hamer

real nail beach design

If you have long nails, this is a cool beachy design to consider. You don’t need acrylics to achieve a beautiful nail design.

Credit: needtopaint

hand painted beach nails

These hand-painted summer nails are stunning. They look simple, but at the same time quite detailed and unique.

Credit: ohmynailsnyc

red and orange press on nails

I love when I spot a beautiful set of press on nails. These colorful nails are perfect for the beach, or summertime in general.

If you’re looking for trendy press on nails, I highly recommend checking out Etsy. Press on nails have definitely come a long way in recent years.

Credit: polish.lab.rat

orange and gold beach nails

These orange and gold glitter nails are the perfect vacation nails. If you’re planning a beach vacation, these nails would look great on you.

Credit: polished_tips_to_toes

ocean ombre nails

These ocean nails use a sea bed gradient. The color choice that was used is perfect. The colors go so well together.

Credit: polishthatup

Hawaii nail ideas

Here’s a design that’s ready for a Hawaiian vacation. If you like this design, you can talk to your nail tech about playing around with a different color palette.

Credit: samellisonbeauty

real nails polished

Show off your natural nails with this cute and simple nail look. Play around with different shades of white and blue.

Credit: alliem_nails

gold foil nails

These nails feature a beautiful aqua blue color palette and lovely gold foil accents. These nails are perfect for a day sitting by the pool.

Credit: angelic_nailz