Aesthetic Christmas Photos to Put You in a Festive Mood

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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to check out these aesthetic Christmas photos to put you in a festive mood. Use these images to inspire your holiday decor, Instagram photoshoot, and more.

Along with great holiday inspiration, you’ll also find some of our best tips for making the most of days this holiday season. Be warned that these photos and tips will help you get into the holiday spirit, but could ruin your plans if you’re trying to remain a Scrooge.

girl holding mug
Credit: sarahguiler
red and white christmas tree
Credit: mybeloved_home
woman drinking hot cocoa
Credit: _nathi92

Start Those Festive Holiday Parties

The holidays are the perfect time to throw a party with your friends, family, and even co-workers. You can’t forget about those sweet treats either – what better way to dip pretzels than in white chocolate?

For more ideas, check out these holiday appetizer recipes. And if you’re hosting any parties this year, don’t forget to leave room for Santa’s goodie bag too!

white and silver christmas tree
Credit: _christmasdaily
tray with christmas cookies
Credit: iamprincessangel

Get Creative With Your Gift Wrapping

Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with your gift wrap this year. The internet is filled with funny and creative wrapping paper. You could even make your own wrapping paper this year using brown kraft paper, paint, ribbons, and more.

couple watching the grinch
Credit: _christmas_decor
sitting by fireplace
Credit: ilonaputek

Go Outside

You only get the winter season once a year, so why not make the most out of it? Skip going to see a movie in the theaters and take some time to enjoy the great outdoors.

If there’s snow where you live, consider going skiing. One thing I love to do is go for evening walks and look at everyones Christmas lights.

snowman marshmallows
Credit: _nadias_world_
home alone on tv
Credit: margos8

Get Warm and Cozy

After spending some time outdoors, the holidays are the perfect time to get warm and cozy inside while you watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix. Make some hot cocoa and grab your favorite blanket while you’re at it.

girls holding mugs and cookies
Credit: christmas_is_joy
beautiful christmas decor
Credit: thesassyoak

Make Handmade Gifts

Another thing I love about Christmas is making handmade gifts. Bake a batch of cookies and give them to your friends and family. If this isn’t for you, consider making some hot cocoa mix in a jar instead! It’s simple and easy but will definitely be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

farmhouse christmas decor
Credit: christmas_insta_
friends holding christmas mugs
Credit: sophieklex

Go Caroling

This is one of my favorite things to do when Christmastime arrives. Grab your friends and take a walk around town singing Christmas carols. Even when its cold outside, it’s completely worth it when people appreciate what you were doing and wish you well!

large christmas tree
Credit: ourcoloradohome
santa mug
Credit: christmas_is_joy

Pull Out Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m pretty sure everyone has a ugly Christmas sweater in their closet somewhere. Pull it out and have fun with it. If you don’t have one, go to a thrift shop or your nearest Walmart or Target.

You can even make your own from scratch by using some fabric paint, a plain sweater, garland, glitter, and other accessories.

silver and white christmas decor
Credit: making_kirstys_home
woman holding mugs
Credit: mclay_ceramics

Build a Fort 

Get together with friends and family and build a huge fort in the living room. Make sure to bring hot cocoa, snacks, pillows, and anything that’ll help keep everyone warm and cozy inside while having fun.

woman holding santa mug
Credit: snowysleighs
folded tartan blankets
Credit: thechristmasmarket_

Watch Christmas Movies 

Nothing calms the mind and boosts your mood like watching your favorite Christmas movie. Grab all the snacks and drinks and curl up on a comfy couch and watch your favorite holiday movies with friends and family, or enjoying your own company.

simple christmas bedroom decor
Credit: vscos.back
woman holding starbucks cup
Credit: warmandtoastyinside
brown holiday decor
Credit: winterwonderworld_ 

Inspiration for all things Christmas has never been more accessible. There are so many photos of the most festive, wintery places to visit and decorating ideas that it’s hard not to get caught up in the holiday spirit.