16 Acrylic Coffin Nail Design Ideas

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If you’re looking for stylish nail designs, you’re going to love these acrylic coffin nail design ideas.

Coffin nails (also known as ballerina nails) were made popular by Kylie Jenner. They’re called coffin nails because… you guessed it, their shape resembles a coffin (and ballerina slipper).

If you want show-stopping nails, you should definitely consider going with coffin nails.

If you prefer short coffin-shaped nails, make sure you check out this post sharing 19 Fabulous Short Coffin Nail Designs.

Black V-Shape Coffin Press on Nails

Believe it or not, the nails in the photo below are press-on nails. Yes, friends. You can achieve a beautiful manicure in the comfort of your home by going the DIY route. Not only is this a super convenient way to get your nails done, but it’s a lot more affordable than going to the nail salon. You can get your own set of black v-shaped coffin nails from Red Leopard Nails on Etsy.

Black V-Shape Coffin Press on Nails

Credit: Red Leopard Nails

glitter nails

Credit: nailsby_mike99

white and gold nails

Credit: thenailbarmia

Add a Flame Design

I just love the flame nail design. I’ve seen this design using white or black nail polish, but I’ve never actually seen a blue flame design. I absolutely love the idea of using different colors for your flame. Additionally, instead of getting just one nail with this design, you could get your entire hand done this way.

blue flame nails

Credit: aymehnails

black v tips nails and rhinestones

Credit: tanlucmd

powerpuff girl nails

Credit: blossomnaillab

Rose Quartz and French Fade 

These rose quartz nails with a french fade are so creative and unique. If you want a look that stands out from the crowd, this is the perfect trendy and elegant nail design. I just love how the nails look exactly like a rose quartz stone, and the addition of the rhinestones gives these nails such an elegant look.

rose quartz nails

Credit: aymehnails

retro nails

Credit: deeznaylz

Midnight Medley Coffin Nails

Here’s another beautiful set of nails that I can’t believe are press-on nails. The black nails that you see below are DIY press-on nails made by Claw Creative. These gorgeous nails are hand-painted and made to order. Your nails will be made according to your desired size and shape.

I recommend checking out their shop for more beautiful and creative nails. Press-on nails have come such a long way. You can receive a great set of nails that look like they were done by a nail technician.

matte black coffin nails

Credit: Claw Collective

pink tip nails

Credit: doriasalonspa

blue swirl nails

Credit: eric_basicacrylic

Nude Press On Nails

Here’s one last set of press-on nails that I discovered from Daisy’s Beauty Lab. These nude nails can be ordered in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can get your nails in matte or gloss.

nude press on coffin nails

Credit: Daisy’s Beauty Lab

hippie coffin nails

Credit: nailsby_mike99

black and gold coffin nails

Credit: nailsfeed733

mod style nails

Credit: rosenailswaltham

pink glitter nails

Credit: simplystyledbydee

If you’ve been looking for coffin nail design ideas, I hope these designs have given you lots of inspiration. For more nail design inspiration, make sure you take a look at the related articles below.

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