A Moms Quick Guide to Surviving Teething

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It is enviable for all of us mamas (and papas) that our littles ones get their first tooth. All babies handle it differently – some unaffected and others have full-on flu-like symptoms and of course, there is everything in between.

We posted this teething road map of sorts on our Facebook page some time ago and I think it’s very helpful to know what is coming but how can we deal with the symptoms? Well after loads of research and discussion with our Pediatrician the below are the helpful tips I have come up with. Do you have any tips to share?

Signs you know your little one is teething:

  • excessive drooling
  • increased fussiness or mood changes
  • chewing excessively especially on hard objects (or anything at all!)
  • trouble sleeping
  • sore, tender or swollen gums

Green teething ring and Sophie teething ring: We’ve tried all of these toys and they seem to provide some relief. Putting them in the freezer or refrigerator definitely helps, but in the case of the Sophie Teething Ring, it is not really needed.

Washcloth + ice cube or cold water –  A simple, clean washcloth that has been dampened with cool water is also a great solution. We sometimes put an ice cube in the washcloth and it is also a big hit. Be sure to supervise your child if you include an ice cube.

Yogurt – If your baby is eating solids chilled varieties like yogurt are another surprisingly soothing remedy. While it is not long-lasting it doesn’t provide some immediate relief and at least takes their mind of teething pain.

Tylenol – Ask your Pediatrician first but for those inconsolable times or times of serious pain Tylenol can be a lifesaver.

Teething road map – As always, each baby is different but at least this can help you understand where the pain is coming from! Credit for the image goes to Lonestar Smiles for Kids.

children primary teeth

You may notice teething gel is absent from our Survival Guide. We considered putting it on the list and know it has worked for a lot of parents however, the FDA has warned against giving children under two teething gels that contain Benzocaine.